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RSA 2009 Best of Show

Submitted by stiennon on Mon, 04/27/09 - 3:27am.

As much of the security industry recovers from RSA Conference 2009 in San Francisco it is time to attempt to condense a five day conference to few hundred words. There were 360 vendors on the exhibition floor and many more who sent executives to participate in the conference sessions or traverse the party circuit that occurred each night. I interviewed over ten percent of them in one-on-one briefings and video sessions.

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Top Ten removable media security incidents

Submitted by stiennon on Tue, 02/24/09 - 7:58pm.

I thought it would be valuable to put the top ten most important incidents regarding removable devices, including hardware keystroke loggers, USB thumb drives, and MP3 players, together into a list. It helps highlight the risks inherent in removable devices to have all of these incidents in one place.

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Take the log management survey

Submitted by stiennon on Mon, 01/19/09 - 9:27pm.

In security we live and breath by the results of surveys. From annual spending surveys to awareness results from the Ponemon Institute.

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Security prognostications are too easy

Submitted by stiennon on Sun, 01/11/09 - 4:08pm.


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2008 Security lessons learned

Submitted by stiennon on Tue, 12/30/08 - 1:35pm.

While many bloggers and trade journals are scrambling to get their 2009 security predictions out this week (See TechBuddah for instance).  I have decide to eschew the publicity train this year.

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Nasa at risk

Submitted by stiennon on Thu, 12/04/08 - 6:59pm.

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Ten best practices for avoiding data loss during layoffs

Submitted by stiennon on Mon, 11/17/08 - 11:54pm.

Re=posted from


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It's official. Moving on.

Submitted by stiennon on Fri, 11/07/08 - 2:42pm.

I have been taking a look at the security industry lately as I get back into being a full time analyst.  Preliminary results indicate that about 30% of 1,200 companies I tracked two years ago have either been acquired or have quietly disappeared.  Anyone who has followed this blog over those years knows that I often object to calling this industry consolidation. 

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A letter to President Obama

Submitted by stiennon on Mon, 11/03/08 - 8:49am.

Dear President Obama:          By the time you read this you will be the president-elect of the United States of America.  I am writing to alert you to the serious action that is required to secure the information systems of the country that you will soon lead.  To say that the US government computing infrastructure, in all of its various branches, departments, and offices, is vulnerable is an understatement.   While the GAO a

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False scares

Submitted by stiennon on Fri, 10/31/08 - 1:30pm.

I swore I would not write a Halloween post. When it comes to Halloween I am a Scrooge. Bah, humbug. (Alright, I do have a weakness for candy pumpkins.)

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Rant: do we have to call it Homeland Security?

Submitted by stiennon on Thu, 10/30/08 - 3:23pm.

I have been looking at the makeup of the Security Leaders Group I manage at Posted below is the breakdown of the 1,403 members and the countries they reside in.  With a membership of security professionals and thought leaders from so many countries I have become sensitive to the parochial nature of the term "homeland security".    To the 644 members of the group that are not from the US (and the 5.3 billion other people)   I am sure "Homeland" has a very different meaning.

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Twitter squatting

Submitted by stiennon on Wed, 10/29/08 - 12:39pm.

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Have some toast with that SPAM omelet

Submitted by stiennon on Tue, 10/28/08 - 12:00pm.

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Nope it is RPC DCOM 2.0

Submitted by stiennon on Thu, 10/23/08 - 1:21pm.

Microsoft just released their "out of band" security bulletin.  There is a gaping hole in the way most Microsoft platforms serve Remote Procedure Calls (RPC).   This is on the order of severity of the original RPC DCOM vulnerability that led to the wide spread of the MSBlaster worm in August or 2003.

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Microsoft to announce TCP DoS patch today?

Submitted by stiennon on Thu, 10/23/08 - 10:18am.

Microsoft has announced that at 1 PM Pacific they will issue an "out of band" security patch.  Meaning, of course, that this is in addition to the regularily scheduled once-a-month patch Tuesday releases. 

For the best ever description of full TCP connection denial of service attacks read this post by Fyoder (really Gordon Lyon).

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Worried about electronic snooping of key strokes? Forget about it.

Submitted by stiennon on Wed, 10/22/08 - 9:26pm.

While technically enthralling, the recent buzz over the  vulnerability discovered in the way manufactures wire keyboards is unwarranted.   While it is too late for the concept to be worked into the next James Bond movie due out in two weeks, I am sure it will make it into either the next James Bond or Mission Impossible film.   The idea, explained in a

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DHS discovers the challenge of creating a collaborative social network

Submitted by stiennon on Wed, 10/22/08 - 11:30am.

The GAO (Government Accountability Office) has held up the deployment of the DHS (Department of Homeland Security) critical (non-classified) information sharing system.  The unlucky group that must deal with the herculean task of launching a collaborative social network of law enforcement, state, local federal and tribal agenc

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Looking for a job in security?

Submitted by stiennon on Tue, 10/21/08 - 8:33pm.

Here are a couple:


Director Global Cyber Security Management

SALARY RANGE: 114,468.00 - 172,200.00 USD per year

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Skype spam malicious?

Submitted by stiennon on Tue, 10/21/08 - 7:40pm.

A very cleverly crafted message delivered over Skype came in this afternoon.   I asked Alex Eckelberry over at Sunbelt to check it out.  Not really malicious but his take is that it is completely fraudulent.


I hope this is not a common occurence.  I would hate to have to purchase a Skype Spam filter! 

Back ground checks: Required, but how?

Submitted by stiennon on Tue, 10/21/08 - 3:38pm.

I once worked for an automotive supplier. We were launching a new plant in Tennessee.  We had the equivalent of a casting call in the local community for people to work on the line assembling car seats.  We had trouble getting 120 employees who could pass the mandatory drug screening.  Over 3,000 people applied.  That was an eye opener.  

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