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'Bigfoot' SDN sightings and Internet of Whats? highlight Cisco survey

IT feeling left out as businesses run roughshod with application rollouts

By Jim Duffy on Wed, 05/08/13 - 4:16pm.

SDN and "The Internet of Things" are two of the hotter topics in the industry today, thanks to industry coalescence and Cisco marketing, respectively. But Cisco admits that less than half of those who work in IT are even vaguely familiar with "The Internet of Things."

And one-third say they've seen an actual SDN deployment "as often as they've seen Bigfoot, Elvis, or the Loch Ness Monster."

These are some of the stop-you-in-your-tracks statistics compiled in Cisco's latest survey, the Global IT Impact Survey released this week.  The Cisco study queried 1,300 IT professionals in 13 countries to measure the relevance and impact of IT and networks on business.

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Even though SDN sightings are rare, IT is preparing for SDN. Seventy-one percent are planning to deploy SDN solutions in the next 12 months for cost savings (33%) and scalability of infrastructure (33%).

When asked to gauge their readiness for Internet of Things applications and deployments, 48% said they believe it will open up new business opportunities - even though they don't know what it is. If IT doesn't know what it is, is it relevant or impactful to the business IT supports?

Business is betting so. Three-quarters of the respondents