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Boston police use video to laugh in hacking group Anonymous' face

Boston Police: Oh, the horror of having our news site hacked!

By Alpha Doggs on Sat, 02/11/12 - 8:15am.

The Boston Police Department, whose news site was hit recently by the Anonymous hacking group in retaliation for the police force's treatment of Occupy Boston protesters, has issued a video that essentially has the department laughing in the hackers' faces.

The hack, which involved replacing the news site with an Anonymous message and a KRS-One rap video about police brutality, took down the police site for a week. When the site returned, after police had temporarily directed would-be visitors to its Facebook page, Anonymous tweeted: "Boston police news site reclaimed from Anonymous hackers. . . . After how long? Nice work guise [sic.]’"

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The straightfaced police came back with something unexpected though: a video that talks of the struggle to understand the meaning of a world without BPDnews -- as well as questions about why anyone would want to "destroy a perfectly good KRS-One song?"

Next move?

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