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Cisco finds us increasingly mobile

Study says tetherless connections will exceed the number of people on the planet by 2017

By Jim Duffy on Fri, 02/08/13 - 4:37pm.

and mobile video will represent 66% of global mobile data traffic, up from 51% in 2012.

All of this is setting the stage for global mobile data traffic will outpace global fixed data traffic by a factor of three in the 2012-to-2017 time period, the Cisco study finds.

Smartphones, laptops and tablets will drive 93% of global mobile data traffic by 2017. The rest will be from M2M devices like GPS and asset tracking systems, and "basic" handsets. And 41% of all mobile-connected devices or connections will be IPv6-capable in 2017.

The Middle East and Africa will have the highest rate of traffic growth over the five year period: 77% compounded annually. Asia-Pacific will generate the most traffic, followed by North America.

Most of the mobile data traffic will continue to be generated by non-4G devices in 2017, the Cisco study found. Ninety-nine percent of the connections were 2G or 3G in 2012, and they generated 86% of the traffic; that will shift to 90% vs. 10% 4G in 2017, with 4G accounting for 45% of the traffic.

On a compounded annual rate, 4G traffic will more than double each year between 2012 and 2017, the Cisco study found.

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