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Gartner releases first MDM Magic Quadrant Report

Mobile Device Management (MDM) Solutions Aplenty. Here are the Leaders. A good MDM can secure your iPhones, iPads and Android devices

By jheary on Sat, 04/30/11 - 11:26pm.

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is all the rage right now in corporate IT circles. Everyone it seems is rushing to find the perfect MDM that balances security, functionality and ease of use. IT is scrambling to figure out how to best allow and control both corporate and personal mobile devices like iPhones and iPads. MDM is one of the few tools that can provide IT some control over these things. Neither Apple or Google have released their own MDM solution yet (like blackberry has) so several companies are starting to enter into the young MDM marketplace. Here is a look at a few of the MDM companies that I've run into lately and that Gartner placed in their Leaders Quadrant.

MobileIron - I have heard very good things from the customers I know that are using it in production. It works very similarly to a Blackberry BES server. This makes it particularly useful for MDM of corporate owned devices. For personal devices it could get a bit intrusive if you set your policies to harsh. MobileIron is known for its great reporting and fancy dashboards. The GUI is pretty slick and easy to understand. It works as a hardware appliance or a VM appliance. Rumor is they will have a SaaS offering sometime this year as well. That would be very nice indeed. MobileIron can control just about everything you can think of on an iOS device: remote wipe, application install, patch and versioning control, usage monitoring, screen lock, software distribution, remote lock, Jailbreak detection, compliance reporting, block use of external memory cards like SD, encryption policy, rogue app protection, certificate distribution, backend virus scan, lost phone recovery, and many other features. The one major feature it lacks is a virtual sandbox environment for protecting corporate data.

To see more on MobileIron go here

Good Technology - For managing the bring your own device to work crowd, the Good solution is hard to beat. I've also heard positive feedback from customers that are using this solution. Those that tried it 6-8 months ago had some mixed results but apparently the software has gotten much better recently and user satisfaction has been high. Good Technology's Good for Enterprises solution is heavily biased towards secure messaging and secure data storage. It basically creates a AES encrypted sandbox on your mobile device. Inside that workspace you have your email, calendar, browser, Good applications (limited support), and secure storage for downloaded documents. The workspace is encrypted using Good's own technology and does not rely on the device. The solution puts a username and password requirement for entry into the Good app workspace for added security but can also control and audit the device itself to a limited extent. For example, it supports remote wipe, blacklist/whitelist of applications, software distribution, device audit. This solution lacks robust application controls (the white/black lists only determine if they can access the sandbox not if they can load the application on the device) and requires that you run all of your encrypted traffic through the Good NOC. The email and calendar apps that are native to the device do not work with this solution, users must use the Good email and calendar apps inside the secure workspace environment. As I see it the strengths of this solution are really for personally owned devices that need corporate IT security without having to give up complete control of your own device.

To learn more about Good Technologies see here:

Afaria by Sybase and AirWatch - I haven't seen these two in customers just yet but I expect to. They seem to have full solutions and are the last two named in the leaders quadrant by Gartner. AirWatch has a SaaS offering for MDM which could be attractive to some. For more information check out there websites at:

To download the Gartner MQ for MDM go here:

To read my MDM wish list see here:

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