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Google Glass: Why Zuck’s excited and I’m not

And it doesn’t really matter how great Google Glass turns out to be

By Paul McNamara on Fri, 02/22/13 - 2:04pm.

Juxtaposed on Techmeme, the two headlines crystalize perfectly my personal disinterest in Google Glass.

On Forbes: "No One Is More Excited For Google Glass Than Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg."

On TechCrunch: "Google Glass Targeting End Of 2013 Consumer Release, With Price Tag Under $1,500."


Of course Mark Zuckerberg is excited; he can afford to be excited.

In my world, with my bills, on my budget, $1,500 for a plaything like Google Glass might as well be $15,000 or $15 million.

Maybe Zuck will let me borrow his.

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