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If Apple had unveiled Google Glasses...

Here's what the reaction would have looked like if it had been Apple, and not Google, that unveiled the futuristic eye-glasses everybody is talking about. (Disclaimer: Satire ahead).

By Yoni Heisler on Sun, 02/24/13 - 8:35pm.

Google Glasses seem cool. The technology is remarkable and Google should be rightfully praised for pushing the envelope. But given how Apple is curiously held to standards that no other company in the world is held to, here is what the response to Google Glasses would have been if the product came from Apple and not Google.

Since the passing of Steve Jobs, Apple has been rather wanting when it comes to innovation. Sure, there have been incremental upgrades to products like the iMac and MacBook Pro, but when's the last time Apple truly brought something interesting to the table?

Even Apple's most recent product releases should ring warning bells for investors.

First, the iPhone 5 launch was marred by the fiasco that was Apple Maps. Indeed, the subsequent firing of Scott Forstall reveals that it's not business as usual over at 1 Infinite Loop. Second, the release of the iPad Mini - though it has been selling moderately well - was merely a response to the growing popularity of 7-inch Android tablets.

Remember when companies used to copy Apple and not the other way around?

Put simply, tech enthusiasts have been waiting for the next big thing from Apple for quite some time, and earlier this week Apple unveiled what it's secretly been working on to satiate the masses - wearable glasses.

Yep, the company that revolutionized the way we listen to music and turned the smartphone market up on its head is now tackling...eyewear. I suppose without a decider like Steve Jobs in the mix at Apple anymore, beta products, though seemingly cool, are now being deemed good enough to make it to market.

It's sad, really. A company like Apple was once synonymous with "great" and now they're announcing products that are clearly just "good enough."

As one might expect, Apple unveiled its highly anticipated new product with a slickly produced video showing what users can expect to do with their new Apple Glasses. Basically, if you want to spend $1,500 to wear a mountable video camera, Apple Glasses may be just the thing you're looking for.

Okay, Apple's Glasses can do a bit  more than that, but is it really a product that anyone needs? By all accounts, Apple Glasses is a solution to a problem that doesn't really exist.

So let's take a closer look at it's functionality.

Via hands-free voice commands, Apple Glasses can record video, take photographs, and allows users to participate in video chats. Users can also use the device to send hands-free text messages, access directions, translate languages, and even query factoids such as the length of the Brooklyn Bridge.