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The latest craze? High-voltage fences promise to zap would-be copper thieves

Frying-up copper thieves might be one answer to a massive copper theft problem

By Layer 8 on Wed, 11/21/12 - 10:43am.

It may be a gimmick or maybe the ultimate answer, but a California city this week Ok'd a draft ordinance that would let businesses install 7,000 volt electric fences to protect sites from rampant copper thieves.   

As reported by the Sacramento CBS station, the reaction form one business owner to the ordinance says it all: "It'll be a little fun to watch one of these guys get electrocuted holding my fence trying to rob me."

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According to the story, the fence is designed to jolt the thief not knock him out.  Still: "It's a memorable experience," an electric fence manufacturer told CBS.

The electric fence idea is just one in a long line of attempts to slow the ever-growing theft of copper.  You may recall that last year Clearwater, Florida police announced a plan to target any vehicles carrying large loads of metal.  Called operation "Cold Steal," police say now require the person in possession of the metal must be able to account for where they got it. If they can't, they could be subject to arrest and the property seized.