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Pi Day sales: Well, it's not quite Black Friday, but....

Microsoft, minor league baseball team among those holding 3.14-related sales in honor of Pi Day

By Alpha Doggs on Thu, 03/14/13 - 9:26am.

The marketing geniuses are starting to catch on to international Pi Day, the annual March 14 (3.14...get it?) celebration of the the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter.

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Among the 3.14-related steals you can get today:

*Microsoft retail stores are offering 3.14% off the Dell Latitude 10 Tablet running Windows 8 (that amounts to $20.38 off the machine, which today is selling for $628.62).

*Interrobang Group is putting its Virtual Slide Rule for the iPad on sale March 13-17 in honor of Pi day for $2.99 (usually $4.99), and wanted to price it at $3.14, but the App Store won't allow that.

*Be sure to check local bakeries for $3.14 pie specials (here's a listing of Chicagoland ones).

*For those of you in the Gaston County, N.C. area, the local minor league baseball team (the Gastonia Grizzlies) is offering tickets for its season, which starts May 28, for $3.14 apiece. That's vs. the usual $7 or $9 ticket price.