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Samsung Androids get first SSLVPN client

Cisco Anyconnect for Samsung Android devices or any rooted Android device available

By jheary on Mon, 08/01/11 - 5:23pm.

Last month Cisco announced the release of it Anyconnect SSLVPN client for Android devices. The Android Anyconnect client is available for download on the Android Market. This client is based on the 2.4 version of the Anyconnect PC agent. As such it supports the following major features:

DTLS, certificate authentication and enrollment, two-factor authentication, Widgets, GUI Theming, auto-reconnect, 3G-wifi seamless roaming, full tunneling, split tunneling, and full statistics and debug logs on the device. See a screenshot of the client below.

Here is a look at the widget for Anyconnect

Sample of the messages log

Supported Devices:
Galaxy S model GT-I9000
Galaxy S model SC-02B
Galaxy S II model GT-I9100
Galaxy S II model SC-02C
AnyConnect is also supported on Tab 7 running Android 2.3.3+ or Galaxy Tabs 8.9 and 10.1 running Android 3.0+.

On the Cisco ASA VPN headend device you will need code 8.0(4) or later, (8.4.2 is recommended), a mobile devices license, and either a SSLVPN essentials or premium license.

From a configuration point of view on the ASA, nothing special needs to be done to allow the new Android devices to connect to it. You can of course setup a separate tunnel group if you want but that is not required. You can also add a dynamic access policy (DAP) check that will match when an Android Anyconnect client connects. This is new in ASA 8.4.2 code. This DAP policy can then restrict and allow traffic into your network.

The Anyconnect client will also likely work on any rooted Android device as well. You should see a special Android rooted anyconnect client on the app market. (I am not in any way advocating you root your Android device however)

You can download the client here. Currently the client is only available on the Android market and not anywhere else.

Anyconnect Android User Guide

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