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SNL shatters Google Glass

Weekend Update crew poke fun at the next great distraction: Google Glass

By Alpha Doggs on Mon, 05/06/13 - 10:52am.

The SNL Weekend Update crew gave Google Glass the business Saturday night, portraying the next big thing from Google as the next big distraction (WARNING: This video veers into naughtiness by the end).

The wearable computer technology, which recently made headlines when a developer version of the Android-based device was rooted, is expected to be generally available by year end, though likely will be too pricey for many at least at the outset.

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SNL increasingly has been zeroing in on new tech gadgets and tech subjects as Apple, Google and other technology companies and creations become more mainstream. iPhone 5 reviewers and Verizon Wireless have been the butt of SNL jokes in recent years.