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Video: Unboxing the Samsung Galaxy S4

What's inside the box when you buy the latest Samsung smartphone?

By Keith Shaw on Fri, 05/03/13 - 4:02pm.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 review unit finally showed up on my desk today (we here at IDG are not as cool as some the more "popular" gadget reviewers out there, so we have to wait for a bit). Here's a quick "unboxing" video to show you what the phone looks like and what's inside the box:


I'm heading out to Interop next week in Las Vegas, so I plan on putting the phone through its paces while I'm out there. I'm looking forward to playing with a bunch of the photo software features, including the animated GIF, Drama Shot and slow-motion/fast-motion features - this may be more impressive than some of the camcorders I take along with me.

The full review of the phone is likely to come next week, so stay tuned!

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