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Watch the entire 48-minute Samsung Galaxy S4 presentation

Miss the live event? Watch the very Broadway-ish launch here

By Keith Shaw on Fri, 03/15/13 - 12:54pm.

I realize that not everyone was glued to their computer screens last night or sitting in Times Square when Samsung launched its Galaxy S4 smartphone at Radio City Music Hall in New York.

If you wanted to catch the event for the first time, or perhaps relive some key moments (tap-dancing boy on stage! Goofy fake actors!), we've got you covered. Here's the entire 48-minute event, courtesy of the livestream and the folks at Ustream and the IDG News Service:

Video streaming by Ustream


Do you think Samsung's presentation was over the top, or is this now the bar that Apple, Microsoft and Google need to achieve whenever they're launching a new product? Last year at Google I/O, they had skydivers wearing Google Glass eyewear, so I wouldn't be surprised to see jugglers and/or fire-breathers at the next big tech launch. Let me know in the comments what you thought of last night's big event.


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