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Yahoo apologizes for fumbling fantasy football website on Sunday

Timing of website problems kept fantasy football players from making lineup changes

By Alpha Doggs on Tue, 11/13/12 - 12:20pm.

Yahoo! Sports is in full apology mode after cutting the knees out from underneath thousands of users of its fantasy football website on Sunday right before the early games started. Some problems with the mobile app were still being reported late Monday, though the website was otherwise back in working order.

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(The company has some practice with apologies this year, as its former CEO Scott Thompson did so to employees following his ouster in May after it was discovered his resume overstated his technical achievements.)

Yahoo apologized on its website, via Twitter and via email to players, updating them on Sunday and Monday regarding website status.

On its Website:

We apologize sincerely for the outage on Sunday. We are working on the fix—the site is stabilized—and will update everyone on next steps for how to handle week 10. Currently, data and scores can be viewed on our mobile apps but for now you cannot make transactions or change line-ups from the apps.

On Twitter:

Via Email: