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Twenty five years ago today...

The impact of the Internet and Web on Microsoft
Submitted by Kerrie Meyler on Fri, 03/21/14 - 4:50pm.

It was 25 years ago today (well, this month - March 12, 1989) that Tim Berners-Lee introduced the idea of the World Wide Web in a proposal for an information system, although until 1995 there was limited practical commercial access. (Sorry Al Gore, you didn't invent the Web or the Internet). What became the Internet was developed in the late 1960s by the US Department of Defense as ARPANET.

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What's New with Configuration Manager in System Center 2012 R2

Microsoft brings significant updates to System Center Configuration Manager with the 2012 R2 release
Submitted by Kerrie Meyler on Sun, 11/17/13 - 2:46pm.

Previous posts here and here discussed changes to several of Microsoft's System Center 2012 components with the R2 release, that being Orchestrator and Operations Manager, respectively.

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What's New with Operations Manager in System Center 2012 R2

R2 brings updates to Operations Manager 2012
Submitted by Kerrie Meyler on Fri, 10/18/13 - 11:42pm.


System Center 2012 R2 adds some new capabilities and changes to Operations Manager. These include:

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Does Orchestrator Change in System Center 2012 R2?

Microsoft's integration and automation System Center component largely untouched
Submitted by Kerrie Meyler on Tue, 10/08/13 - 9:31am.

With the System Center 2012 R2 release just around the corner, a big question for many is what's changed in the various components. The answer for Orchestrator: not much.

Orchestrator is still 32-bit. The consoles are not updated. The integration packs for the most part are not updated. So here's what's new and changed:

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MMS 2013: In the Cloud

System Center wants to help you build your data center without boundaries.
Submitted by Kerrie Meyler on Mon, 04/08/13 - 7:15pm.

It is cloudy in Las Vegas today, but even if the sun was shining, Microsoft is definitely "in the cloud" when it comes to System Center 2012 and Windows Server 2012. That, of course, could get a little interesting when your demos are in the cloud and the Internet link goes down...but Brad Anderson's keynote was saved when access was reestablished, initially by using smartphones for tethering (in Windows Phone lingo, enabling "internet sharing"). Necessity was definitely the mother of invention!

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System Center Advisor now free of charge

Licensing changed for Microsoft's cloud-based best practices server monitoring software.
Submitted by Kerrie Meyler on Mon, 03/11/13 - 8:51am.

Without much fanfare on March 6, Microsoft announced System Center Advisor will be free for Microsoft customers in supporting countries (a list of countries is available here).

System Center Advisor, originally code-named "Atlanta," offers configuration-monitoring cloud services for Microsoft server products. The list of monitored products has grown from Microsoft SQL Server and Windows Server deployments to include SharePoint, Exchange, and most recently Lync.

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Unappreciated Software Installations

Google Chrome, Ask Toolbar, and other unasked guests can clog up your machine - or worse.
Submitted by Kerrie Meyler on Sat, 03/02/13 - 4:26pm.

I don't know about you, but I try to be aware of what software is installed on my home computer. This makes it somewhat annoying when I go to install an update to Adobe Reader (or other software) and suddenly discover that along with the software update, I am getting software I did not ask for.

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InformIT - Author of the Week

System Center 2012 Operations Manager Unleashed published Feb 25
Submitted by Kerrie Meyler on Mon, 02/25/13 - 9:22am.

Had a nice surprise in my inbox this morning - one of my coauthors for the upcoming System Center 2012 Orchestrator Unleashed book sent me an email congratulating me on being the Author of the Week on (it's there this morning on the homepage. When I clicked the details page, I saw the publication date of System Center 2012 Operations Manager is today! (I knew it would be back from the printer this week, but its only Monday ...)

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Microsoft's Software Battles (some of them, anyway)

Win some, lose some ... or is it more than that?
Submitted by Kerrie Meyler on Sat, 02/16/13 - 1:48pm.

With Microsoft's vast reach in the marketplace, it seems the company regularly has an area where it is trying to be better than the competition or has a challenger to one of its many products. This is nothing new, its been going on almost since the beginning of recorded history - at least since Lotus gained ground over VisiCalc, only to see Microsoft Excel later gain market share over the 1-2-3 spreadsheet product. Later it was WordPerfect, Novell ... I suspect you can think of others.

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Google vs FTC: Google 1, FTC 0

Google pays "record" fine but denies wrongdoing
Submitted by Kerrie Meyler on Mon, 08/13/12 - 1:44am.

About 6 months ago, Google made the news for bypassing Apple's Safari browser settings for guarding privacy. Google, of course, claimed it would never do anything nefarious, that it was only reversing Safari protection for users who were logged onto Google and had turned off privacy protection in Google (or not).

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The Downside of the Microsoft Marketing Machine

Announcements of new releases cannibalizes adoption of current software
Submitted by Kerrie Meyler on Wed, 07/18/12 - 9:22am.

CIO Insight tells us consumers are holding back on buying PCs - either awaiting the arrival of Windows 8 devices or buying tablets and smartphones. IDC reports that anticipation of Windows 8 devices has (predictably) led to sluggish sales of PCs in the last quarter.

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Microsoft's Lost Decade and Server Management

Something else Vanity Fair didn't say that Microsoft got right
Submitted by Kerrie Meyler on Wed, 07/18/12 - 12:34am.

Andy Patrizio, in this blog post, continues discussing his thoughts on the Vanity Fair article, "Microsoft's Lost Decade." This last article mentions some things Microsoft has done right!

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How About that Surface?

Will Microsoft's announced tablet cut it?
Submitted by Kerrie Meyler on Sat, 06/23/12 - 2:19am.

On June 18, 2012, Microsoft announced their Surface tablet, to be available in Windows RT and Windows 8 Pro flavors. The Surface is a bit of a departure from traditional Microsoft announcements, as it uses Microsoft rather than OEM hardware. As one of the distinguishing points between Microsoft and Apple is their open hardware platform, this raises the question of alienating Microsoft's OEM relationships. Is it worth it? One of the theories behind Microsoft's move is this makes the price more competitive with the iPad, which of course also has a closed hardware platform.

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What's up with Google Drive?

Terms of Service may go a bit too far in giving content to search giant
Submitted by Kerrie Meyler on Sun, 05/13/12 - 9:49am.

Now that Google has rolled out their competitor to Dropbox and Microsoft's SkyDrive, and both the Dropbox folks and Microsoft have made adjustments in their products to respond to what Google offers, let's take a step back to see what the newcomer is bringing to the table. Most obvious is the capability to use the cloud to store everything you do in Google Docs - making it accessible from anywhere and making Google's offering conceptually similar to the other cloud-based storage offerings.

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NOW@MMS 2012 - the world of connected devices

Microsoft extends InTune for BYOD with IOS and Android
Submitted by Kerrie Meyler on Wed, 04/18/12 - 3:06pm.

The second day keynote at MMS traditionally discusses Configuration Manager. That was extended a bit this year to include Microsoft's cloud-based service for device management, InTune.

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NOW@MMS 2012 - the cloud is here

No longer a journey to the cloud, its now!
Submitted by Kerrie Meyler on Tue, 04/17/12 - 2:51pm.

Several years ago, the theme at the Microsoft Management Summit was the Journey to the cloud. Today, its NOW.

  • Are you ready? - NOW.
  • Are you building for the future? - NOW

This year, for the 10 year anniversary of MMS (previously known as the SMS User Conference), Microsoft is back at the Venetian, bigger (sold out with 5000+ attendees) and better than ever. To celebrate that event, Brad Anderson announced general availability of System Center 2012 worldwide.

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is BYOD a good idea?

Mobile strategy presents challenges
Submitted by Kerrie Meyler on Mon, 04/09/12 - 11:55am.

For years, companies have debated whether to let employees expense their personal cell phones rather than issuing a separate phone for business use, and if so, how much control to have over them in terms of vendors and carriers. It was an easy decision when folks used pagers (remember those?), which were issued to an employee. Corporate cell phones started as an expansion of pagers. However, now with the explosion of mobile devices, BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) brings new questions to the table, because people already have phones. Here's some of the issues:

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Diversity and Jobs in IT

Should a woman be interviewed for every IT job opening?
Submitted by Kerrie Meyler on Thu, 03/08/12 - 7:51pm.

Earlier this week, Network World published an article ( quoting an Anita Borg Institute report saying "at least 1 woman should be interviewed for every IT job opening." The Anita Borg Institute for Women and Technology say this will raise the chances that the high-tech industry will begin to see a growing number of female technical specialists and managers.

Because I happen to be a female, I hope I can discuss this topic without being accused of being a MCP (and that's not a Microsoft Certified Professional!).

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Google in the News

What were they thinking when they hacked Safari?
Submitted by Kerrie Meyler on Fri, 02/24/12 - 2:28am.

Google, rightly or wrongly, has had its share of bumps in the news over the past week. It started Feb 17, when the Wall Street Journal broke the news that Google had bypassed Apple's Safari browser settings for guarding privacy. (For some strange reason, this never showed up in my local paper.) The default on many browsers is to allow this tracking, but Safari, used on all Apple devices including iPhones, blocks this tracking. Google got around that. Although, after being contacted by the WSJ, Google disabled its code.

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Is SOPA really that bad?

Uproar about concerns regarding censorship and lack of due process not justified
Submitted by Kerrie Meyler on Mon, 01/30/12 - 1:24am.

Friday, January 27, Mark Gibbs published an article discussing "the real reasons why SOPA and PIPA are real bad" (

Mark points out what he sees as two major issues:

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