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Google declares total war on Microsoft, but the main battles are years away

Google Chrome OS is a formidable attack on Microsoft, especially in conjunction with Google Wave, Google Mail, and the rest of Google Apps. But first Google Chrome OS has to actually be made to work ...
Submitted by CurtMonash on Wed, 07/08/09 - 4:21am.

Google blogged Tuesday night about a new project, the Google Chrome Operating System. Highlights include:

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Mohammad Asgari, head of Iranian voting IT security, said to be dead in suspicious car crash after leaking true election results

Updated as of Thursday night
Submitted by CurtMonash on Thu, 06/18/09 - 12:45pm.

According to The Guardian:

The man who leaked the real election results from the Interior Ministry - the ones showing Ahmadinejad coming third - was killed in a suspicious car accident, according to unconfirmed reports, writes Saeed Kamali Dehghan in Tehran.

Mohammad Asgari, who was responsible for the security of the IT network in Iran's interior ministry, was killed yesterday in Tehran.

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The future of analytic technology is becoming a little clearer

Submitted by CurtMonash on Mon, 06/08/09 - 7:41am.

I posted today elsewhere about The Future of Data Marts.  Key points include:

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Hospital turns away ambulances because EHR system goes down

Submitted by CurtMonash on Thu, 06/04/09 - 6:50am.

Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis turned away patients in ambulances for two hours Tuesday morning, according to an article in the Indianapolis Star. Why? Because a power surge blew out their computers, which house their electronic health records (EHRs), and after half a day or so the backlog on their paperwork was intolerable.

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Some very, very, very large data warehouses

Submitted by CurtMonash on Tue, 05/12/09 - 12:18pm.

In the course of my research, I'm running across some VERY large data warehouses.  Several of them, especially in the web log/network event area, are in the multi-petabyte range.  Perhaps most surprisingly, they're run on a broad range of data management software -- not just Teradata, but also Greenplum, Hadoop/Hive (which isn't even a DBMS!), Greenplum, and others.

My current golly-gee-that's-really-big list goes something like this:

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Hacker vs. hacker

Submitted by CurtMonash on Wed, 04/22/09 - 2:21am.

The Register ran a long article to the effect of "A guy tried to engage in pedophile activity and got off with a slap on the wrist because he informed on hacker activity." That's distressing, whether or not one agrees with the article's slant suggesting this was a foolish Faustian bargain.

But part of the story was actually golly-gee-whiz interesting amusing, namely the lengths hackers went to attack each other.  For example,

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The single stupidest quote in the history of information technology

Submitted by CurtMonash on Tue, 04/21/09 - 2:10pm.

A reporter just sent me an embargoed press release from IBM which includes the oft-used quote:

By 2010, the codified information base of the world is expected to double every 11 hours.

(Other versions refer to "human knowledge" as being what will double.)

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Why the basically good choice of Aneesh Chopra for US CTO scares the bejeesus out of me

Submitted by CurtMonash on Mon, 04/20/09 - 6:04am.

Aneesh Chopra, the newly-announced United States Chief Technology Officer, is getting
rave reviews, including a detailed and highly influential one from Tim O'Reilly.

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Stonebraker/DeWitt and eBay slam MapReduce (again)

Submitted by CurtMonash on Tue, 04/14/09 - 3:14am.

Last August, Greenplum and Aster Data made a very appealing case for enterprise use of DBMS-integrated MapReduce. Despite slow adoption, I still think the case has merit. Monday, however, was a bad night for the MapReduce advocates. First, famed MapReduce skeptics Michael Stonebraker and David DeWitt released a series of benchmarks that suggest MPP database management systems far outperform MapReduce.

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A simple overview of the Twitter StalkDaily virus

Submitted by CurtMonash on Sun, 04/12/09 - 12:32am.

Twitter was hit today by the StalkDaily virus. The long version of the story is in my prior post on the subject, and its comment thread. The super-short version is:

1. Twitter had a virus (or worm) whose main symptom is that your Twitter account sends out tweets like:

Hey everyone, join www. StalkDaily. com. It's a site like Twitter but with pictures, videos, and so much more! :)

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A Twitter virus shows up: StalkDaily

Submitted by CurtMonash on Sat, 04/11/09 - 5:31pm.

A Twitter virus has shown up.  Tweetstreams, including mine, send out the message:

Hey everyone, join www. StalkDaily. com. It's a site like Twitter but with pictures, videos, and so much more! :) 

(Of course, the URL link is live in the original.)

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A piece of career advice almost every IT professional should follow

Submitted by CurtMonash on Sun, 04/05/09 - 3:13am.

I believe that almost every IT professional should write a blog. It can be anonymous. It can contain only a couple of posts per year. It can be done for zero cash cost. It can be extremely beneficial to you even if it only ever getting a few readers.

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April No-Fooling Day

Submitted by CurtMonash on Wed, 04/01/09 - 1:31am.

I'm recusing myself from April Fool's Day this year.  Not only were the events of several weeks ago stranger than fiction, but I keep reminding people of them in a plea for tolerance for being behind on my work.  So pranking today would, I th

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Star Trek parodies, PG-rated and otherwise

Submitted by CurtMonash on Tue, 03/31/09 - 6:19am.

The Star Trek:The Next Generation cast came together for a Galaxy Quest-like episode of Family Guy this week.  The promo video gives a flavor.  It's obvious from this article and Twitter alike that most or all concerned were great sports.

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My favorite celebrities on Twitter

Submitted by CurtMonash on Sun, 03/29/09 - 10:10pm.

As I wrote before, celebrities are flocking to Twitter. Here are some who I think are using the medium particularly well, and capturing my interest at least occasionally, tech industry folks excepted:

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Two ways the electric grid could go down, causing us all to die (and also to lose internet access)

Submitted by CurtMonash on Mon, 03/23/09 - 11:47am.

The New Scientist recently posted a nightmare scenario for the destruction of the electric grid. Apparently, a solar incident no worse than something actually observed in 1859 -- the "Carrington event" -- could destroy all the transformers in the US. Or in the world. We don't have close to sufficient spares sitting around.

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Star Trek:The Next Generation actors discover social media

Submitted by CurtMonash on Thu, 03/12/09 - 9:37pm.

I recently blogged that non-tech celebrities are increasingly active on Twitter. Subsequently, I got into a meaning-of-life kind of Twitter chat with LeVar Burton, only to find out at that moment that my house was on fire.

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Where to find Twitter humor

Submitted by CurtMonash on Mon, 03/09/09 - 10:38am.

The New York Times blogged today about humor on Twitter, rightly suggesting that the 140-character limit inspires people to toss off one-liners.  Indeed, just such a one-liner was the genesis of a hot-meme-of-the-day, leading to my own most recent Twitter-related blog post

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13 reasons social media are like sex

Submitted by CurtMonash on Wed, 03/04/09 - 9:35am.

A Twitter quip made the Digg/Reddit/Techmeme rounds recently to the effect that "Social media is like teen sex." (I got it from this blog post.) The three reasons given in the original tweet were:

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