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Time to Move On - The End of Regular Blogging

I've Lost the Motivation to Regularly Blog
Submitted by michaeljmorris on Mon, 05/09/11 - 9:35am.

Despite my proclamation that, now that I finished the MBA, I was back to blogging, the truth is, I've lost the motivation to blog each week. It takes 2-3 hours to write a good blog and, while that is not much time each week, after work, kids, (and some more work), I really prefer to read, watch TV, and golf. It's surprising that once I finished school, work filled in a lot of the free time.

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Technology Development Process

A Good Process is Needed to Make Engineering Successful
Submitted by michaeljmorris on Tue, 03/29/11 - 8:04pm.

A little over 3 years ago, I wrote two blogs on network design process:

In those blogs I referenced Cisco's PDIOO (Plan, Design, Implementation, Operations, and Optimize) framework for design.

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Internet Access at 30,000 Feet

My First Time With WiFi on a Plane
Submitted by michaeljmorris on Tue, 03/08/11 - 1:51pm.

I had my first experience with airplane wifi this week on a trip to California. Upon boarding the Southwest flight, I noticed a sticker on the plane saying "Wifi-ready" (or something like that).

This was the leg from RDU to Chicago and, since it was only $5, I gave it a shot.

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How About This for an Interesting Merger - Juniper and Riverbed

JunOS Running on Steelheads?
Submitted by michaeljmorris on Wed, 02/16/11 - 9:10pm.

At the beginning of the year, the editors at Network World send us bloggers a question of mergers we expect in the next year. It's a guessing game (for fun) and an idea for a blog.

I'm a bit late to the fun this year, but I read something a couple weeks ago that made me think of Juniper and Riverbed.

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Pre-Quarterly Earnings Announcement News About Cisco's Performance is Tough

Cisco is Hitting a Rough Patch
Submitted by michaeljmorris on Wed, 02/09/11 - 9:13pm.

Before this evening's earnings announcement from Cisco, the Wall Street Journal published a tough article about Cisco's recent performance. The WSJ article requires a login, but to summarize:

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Do You Get the Feeling That It Won't Be Enough WAN Bandwidth?

Will 30 Mbps Last for the Next 3 Years
Submitted by michaeljmorris on Mon, 01/31/11 - 6:51pm.

The primary goal of our WAN Transformation project was to give more bandwidth - a lot more bandwidth - to our field sites. A field site with approximately 50 people will get 30 Mbps MPLS bandwidth (and a backup 6 Mbps that will only be used if the 30 Mbps is down).

But, something's been nagging me lately. Will it be enough?

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FIB Suppression and Virtual Aggregation to Help the Internet Scale

Another Good Article from IPJ
Submitted by michaeljmorris on Mon, 01/17/11 - 8:44pm.

Now that I'm done with my MBA, it's back to business travel. Since a lot of my trips are from East coast to West coast, that gives me a lot of time to read on the flights. Last week, on my flight out to California, I got around to reading an old issue of Cisco's Internet Protocol Journal (IPJ).

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Cisco Is Getting a Bad Rap on the Corporate Tax Issue

This is Not Cisco's Fault, it's Congress'
Submitted by michaeljmorris on Mon, 01/10/11 - 11:36pm.

Cisco can't seem to shake the image - at least in blogs - that it's some sort of corporate tax cheat. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

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I've Graduated and Now I'm Back (to Blogging More)

Aiming for a New Blog Every Monday Night
Submitted by michaeljmorris on Sun, 01/02/11 - 8:45pm.

Yes, my blogging rate has been poor over the last 6 months. I was in the final semester of my MBA program and, after hours of homework each week, just didn't have the motivation to blog.

Well, I'm happy to announce, I graduated from the North Carolina State MBA program on December 18th with a concentration in Corporate Finance.

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Giving Cisco Telepresence its Own QoS Queue is Some Expensive Real Estate

It's Amazing What You Find in SRNDs
Submitted by michaeljmorris on Sun, 11/14/10 - 9:08pm.

QoS is a tricky beast. In fact, while we are in the midst of WAN Transformation, which puts a lot more VoIP on our new MPLS network, it's become clear that QoS design is the trickiest part of the design.

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Our WAN Transformation Engineering Conference is Great

Engineering Conferences are a Good Way to Work Through the Many Issues in Large Projects
Submitted by michaeljmorris on Sun, 11/07/10 - 8:29pm.

This week in RTP, NC, we held a 3-day "off-site" for our global WAN Transformation Project.

Previous blogs on WAN Transformation:

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Is Cisco Running for Governor in California?

Most Attack Ads are Silly, but this One Takes the Blue Ribbon
Submitted by michaeljmorris on Tue, 11/02/10 - 8:06am.

As you might have read from my previous blogs - like my stance on Net Neutrality - you'll probably pick up quickly that I do not vote Democrat often (I don't vote for Republicans much either lately, but that's for a different blog). Nonetheless, I don't care for silliness in politics. Government is serious business as it is the one entity in this nation that can force you do to something and take away your liberty.

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A Troubleshooting Conference Call on the Weekend - That Hasn't Happened in a While

Ah, the Memories....
Submitted by michaeljmorris on Sun, 10/17/10 - 10:52pm.

There I was this afternoon, after returning from a morning with the family at the NC State Fair, about to start my MBA homework when my IM pops up. "Mike, there are problems in the HQ's WAN after the IOS upgrade two days ago, they are thinking of backing out the upgrade".

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Facebook-Skype Alliance Could Drive Some Serious Video Bandwidth Usage

Maybe This is "THE" Video Conferencing Technology
Submitted by michaeljmorris on Tue, 10/12/10 - 8:45am.

A few random thoughts this week...

We keep hearing about the "Year of Internet Video" and I'm always excited, but it doesn't materialize (ok, ok, blame the recession a little bit). Nothing seemed to be THE application that drove the video bandwidth demand, not Netflix streaming or (probably not) Cisco Umi.

But, then I saw this story last week:

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We Love Tunnels Too - EoMPLS to Connect Two Data Centers

EoMPLS Proves to Be an Effective Way to Connect Two Data Centers
Submitted by michaeljmorris on Sun, 10/03/10 - 9:32pm.

I wrote a blog a couple months back about my changing perception of tunnels, aptly titled "It's Time to Start Loving Tunnels". While I midly joked about tunnels in the past, it was becoming clear that tunnels are becoming a much more common - and proper - network design tool.

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Positive ROI is What Made WAN Transformation Possible

More Bandwidth is Great, but the Financing has to Work
Submitted by michaeljmorris on Sun, 09/26/10 - 8:01pm.

Previous blogs on WAN Transformation:

Our WAN Transformation project aims to bring many new technologies and enhanced capabilities to users. But, before any of this could be done, the finances had to work out.

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Cisco's Dividend Announcement and a Little Corporate Finance Shows How Cisco is Changing

Rapid Growing Tech Companies Don't Pay a Dividend
Submitted by michaeljmorris on Sun, 09/19/10 - 11:13am.

(I'll finish up WAN Transformation next week.)

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WAN Transformation is a Huge Project

WAN Transformation Includes Multiple New Technologies
Submitted by michaeljmorris on Sun, 09/12/10 - 6:43pm.

Building on last week's WAN Transformation blog, our WAN Transformation project grew out of our experience earlier this year with WAN acceleration. We realized that we still wanted WAN acceleration, but we really needed significantly more bandwidth to make it useful.

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WAN Transformation is a Go!

We Are About to Rebuild our WAN...Again
Submitted by michaeljmorris on Mon, 09/06/10 - 6:53pm.

If you look back to when I started writing this blog over 3 years ago, I wrote a series of blogs on how we had built our current wide area network:

Making BGP Our Core Enterprise Routing Protocol
Using BGP to Make Our Internet Access Dynamic
Using BGP to Build a Separate Lab Network

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Cisco Unified Computing System is 75% Networking - Who Knew?

Sort of Like Finding Out Water is Wet
Submitted by michaeljmorris on Sun, 08/29/10 - 8:19pm.

I thought I'd delve into a slightly less controversial subject this week (well, maybe). My technical background lacks significant hosting experience (servers, storage, operating systems, etc). I understand hosting systems and how to design them into networks, but I'm not going to argue the peculiarities of different Intel CPU designs.

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