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Let's applaud Novell for Groupwise

I applaud your views on GroupWise and its benefits.

Re: Novell should better exploit GroupWise strengths.

GroupWise is an outstanding collaboration tool that offers rock-solid stability and virtually zero downtime. With the exception of the occasional upgrade my GW servers is NEVER down.

I've been administering GroupWise systems for almost 18 years and I've also managed a couple of Exchange and Notes (along with C.C. Mail) in years gone by and none can compare to the stability, security, ease of administration and flexibility of GroupWise.

The price point of GW is very budget friendly and it's truly cross-platform (GW will run on Netware, Linux and Windows).

In addition, there are many complimentary products from companies (Beginfinite/GWAVA, Notify Technologies, Advansys Corp, Messaging Architects, just to name a few) that offer additional flexibility to the already superior GroupWise platform.

This is truly an exceptional product with phenomenal security and reliability at a swallowable price. I can see GroupWise being a player for a very long time.

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