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CCNA Lab Main Post Summary

By wendell on Mon, 02/11/08 - 9:05am.

Someone asked that we post a blog entry just to give pointers to all my CCNA lab blog entries. Now that I've wrapped the main entries, here's the post, with the links below:

CCNA Lab 1: Building a CCNA Lab

CCNA Lab 2: 2600's and 1800's

CCNA Lab 3: about 3640's and 2620 non-XM?

CCNA Lab 4: Bigger Picture of Router Hardware

CCNA Lab 5: Picking IOS revisions and Memory

CCNA Lab 6: CCNA Router Labs on a Slightly-less Constrained Budget

CCNA Lab 7: Which Switch

CCNA Lab 8: Picking a Switch Based on History

CCNA Lab 9: The Bigger Picture for CCNA Switch Hardware