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Porn hits iPhone 3G

By Keith Shaw on Wed, 07/23/08 - 10:04am. offers iPhone 3G adult entertainmentAdult entertainment for handheld devices has been around as far back as the Palm Pilot (giving us bad puns like "Porn in your Palm", etc.), so of course it was only a matter of time before it hit the new iPhone 3G as well.

Los Angeles-based this week launched its services for the iPhone – for $9.95 per month users can get unlimited access to full-length movies and more than 1,000 adult entertainment clips. It appears that the service would be available through the Safari Web browser, it doesn't appear that this would be available on Apple's AppStore (correct me if I'm wrong).

And let's be honest – as problematic as this service may appear to be, there's a lot of money expected to be made in this market. The company quotes Juniper Research estimates that by 2012, the mobile adult content market will achieve $4.6 billion in revenues.

Here's the "ewwww" quote in the company's press release, from company rep David Solmonson:

"Over an average public Wi-Fi hot spot, users can begin watching a high quality 30-minute scene in under 10 seconds, and it shouldn't be too much more than this over 3G."

And you thought that guy at the table next to you was checking stock quotes on his iPhone.

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