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WEP Stinks, So Why Are You Using It?

We all know it… we all talk about… we all say how ‘bad’ it is. Yes, we know WEP SUCKS - so why are you still using it?

Yes- I’m talking to YOU!

Day after day, we walk into customer sites- almost all of which are under some (or several) compliance mandates- and day after day, I still see WEP being used in production networks. So, why are they still using WEP? Usually just because they haven’t changed. It worked, it was comfortable and it was ‘okay’ when they implemented it.

But, things have changed. Today any 15 year-old with a free utility and a configured wireless card can crack your WEP… in a few minutes. It’s time to update! In case you’ve been hesitant, let’s go over a few reasons why WEP is so bad.

I’ve included (for your reading enjoyment) a short technical review of why WEP sucks, as well as a non-technical summary for you, or for someone you’re explaining it to.

Note: I should qualify- this is WEP in wireless implementations. WEP has been and is still successfully used in other wired and remote-access applications.

What’s Wrong with WEP

1) Use of a streaming algorithm


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