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E-mail, photos, movie making will not be included in Windows 7

By Microsoft Subnet on Tue, 09/23/08 - 2:30pm.

As is being widely reported, Microsoft will slim down Windows 7 by moving some applications previously included in Vista to online SaaS offerings that can be downloaded as Windows Live programs. The first to go from embedded apps in the OS to online offerings will be e-mail, photo editing, and movie making, CNET News reports.

This is a step in the right direction for Microsoft who has, over the years, embedded every conceivable productivity application into the operating system. Microsoft has a real opportunity with Windows 7 to execute (and execute well) on a slow cutover to cloud-centric software. If users can maintain the Windows apps they have been using for years, while being able to pick and choose which services they want as embedded applications in their operating system, Microsoft will go a long way toward warding off more mass defection to alternative operating systems like Mac and Linux. The key is that the cloud services Microsoft offers must be easy to use and work reliabily well while also attending to the security and management needs of the enterprise. This is Microsoft's market to keep or lose. The average person doesn't want to change their daily work habits because their software company if choice. has become too hard to work with. The average worker wants to like Microsoft.

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