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What's the big announcement brewing at Cisco?

By Jim Duffy on Mon, 10/27/08 - 7:01pm.

Is it good marketing when you remember the marketing campaign leading up to a product launch but forget the product that the campaign was about? I'm hoping that will not be the case for the 'big Cisco announcement' that is scheduled to happen in two weeks. In a similar way to the viral marketing campaign that Cisco unleashed for its ASR 1000 product in March (I remember the ad campaign involved a bunny but had do a search on what the product was that was being unveiled) Cisco Monday launched a new campaign involving a 'reporter' and his nagging 'editor'.

The reporter, Ira Pumfkin is ordered by editor Sally Thompkin to visit Cisco to try to find out what this big launch is that Cisco is preparing. Ira even runs into John Chambers, but of course the bumbling reporter has no idea who Chambers is. Cue a funny video (see below), a new industry rag, a Cisco ad, and Cisco bloggers adding to the buzz.

So what's afoot?

P.S.: Thanks Ira for linking to Brad Reese's blog in your blog :)


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