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Did I Pass the CCDE?

By michaeljmorris on Sun, 01/04/09 - 11:18am.

I don't know!

People started e-mailing me on December 26th saying results arrived in the postal mail. It seems everyone got a big piece of coal in their Cisco stocking for Christmas. No one said they passed, which I had put a $1 bet on in July.

Too bad I was out of town on the 26th. So, I had to wait till I got home on the 30th to check. But, to my chagrin, nothing in the mail.

So, I looked on Cisco's Certification Tracking System, the one with the old CSCO IDs. Nothing there either, but I don't have a "CCDE Number" that a sign?

I think I did find the problem of why I didn't get a letter in the mail. My mailing address with Cisco is my office; maybe the letter was sent there. So, off to the office the other day. But, nothing in my mail slot and the mail room is closed for the holidays.

Alas, I am stuck till I get back to work tomorrow. And will probably be a couple days as the mail room sorts through all the mail from the last two weeks.

Thus, I am still holding out hope that I will win my own $1 bet. ;-)

Did anyone pass? I heard a rumor only three people did.