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Instant Cloud Computing at UKUUG 2009

Additional to next weeks presentation about "Cloud Computing with openQRM" at LCA2009 (Virtulization Miniconf) there is another possibility to keep up with openQRM's Cloud Computing features at the UKUUG Spring 2009 Conference in London (24-26 March 2009). This upcoming presentation deals with why open-source is serious for Cloud Computing and provides details about openQRM's implementation of a fully automated and rapid deploying Cloud environment which can be used for private and public Cloud services. It also explains openQRM's business model for Cloud Computing via its integrated billing system and ends up with a live-demonstration.

Please find the abstract about "Instant Cloud Computing with openQRM" as a teaser at :

The UKUUG conference features also some other interesting talks and presentations. A full program overview is available at :

Looking forward to see+meet you at the conference !

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