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Cisco, AT&T team to offer personal 3G mini cellular tower for home, small businesses

By jheary on Mon, 01/26/09 - 4:44pm.

Are you having issues with AT&T 3G coverage at your house? If you are then you’ll be very interested in this new offering from AT&T and Cisco. It is called a 3G microcell. The 3G MicroCell acts like a personal mini cellular tower (for voice and data) in your home or small business. It is a Cisco device that plugs into AT&T’s cell network and into your broadband service provider to provide a small 10 device 3G MicroCell at your house. And it supports up to 4 simultaneous users. How cool is that!

In a nutshell, the Cisco device (it is actually a Scientific Atlanta box) sets up a mini 3G cell of around 5000 sqft. Then it wraps up your cell call in IP and transmits it through your broadband Internet provider back to an AT&T POP.

Here are some of the more interesting features offered by the AT&T MicroCell solution:

  • Allows seamless roaming from your microcell to a real cell tower when you leave home
  • Works with any AT&T supported 3G cell phone
  • Available unlimited minute plans when you are connected to your MicroCell

For more info check out this site:

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