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Previews of upcoming Xbox 360 games and Project Natal

By Microsoft Subnet on Fri, 06/05/09 - 10:24pm.

Sequels are the theme of Microsoft's slate of upcoming Xbox 360 games announced at the E3 show. Check out the previews for Left 4 Dead 2, Forza 3, the much-anticipated Halo 3: ODST. While your at it, take a gander at Project Natal, Microsoft's plans for motion controlled video game that will try to one-up the Wii by sensing full body motion, without a wand controller, or any special equipment.


Here's a second, more in depth promotional video for Natal -- and it does look interesting. It is supposed to include facial recognition and voice recognition -- and just about every other kind of recognition you can think of. But then again, it's only a promotional video. There's no word on when the motion-activated system might materialized on store shelves and no way as of yet to verify that it will work as advertised here. Still, Natal is an interesting concept. Check it out.



Check out more videos on upcoming games and entertainment announced at E3.

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