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Office 2010: Office Environment Assessment Tool

Planning on moving to Office 2010, this tool will make sure your systems are ready for the upgrade

By Ron Barrett on Fri, 12/11/09 - 2:37pm.

Thinking about moving to Microsoft's Office 2010? We'll there are many reason to do so, but perhaps you are feeling a bit concerened about meeting the hardware requirements....fear not!

Microsoft has released the Office Environment Assessment Tool which will check and report on the status of all the machines in your network to ensure your ready for Office 2010.

The tool includes an easy to follow administrative wizard which allows you to specify what information to collect and allows you to choose a UNC path or Shared folder for the report.

The information is compiled into an easy to read and manage xml format, which is imported into Excel for an overview and detailed reporting on all systems.

Download the Office Environment Assessment Tool at Microsoft’s Download Center .

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