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Here Comes Video: Cisco SVP

"Father" De Beer says it'll be 90% of IP in 3 years

By Jim Duffy on Tue, 01/26/10 - 10:05pm.

90% of IP traffic in 3 years will be video, according to Cisco's Marthin De Beer, senior vp of the company's Emerging Technologies group. It will be 50% of mobile traffic around that time too, he said from Cisco's Networkers conference in Barcelona.

"It will change the way we build, design and configured networks," he told the assembled at the conference.

He then demonstrated interoperability between TelePresence, Tandberg and Polycom using Cisco's Media Experience Engine (MXE), a video format converter. De Beer also said Cisco will provide the intellectual property behind its TelePresence Interoperability Protocol freely and to standards groups.

De Beer also demonstrated - he claimed the first public demo but we've seen it before -- consumer TelePresence.  It will be in trails soon with Verizon, and then with France Telecom and Orange; and then it will be on an HDTV in a living room near you.

De Beer backed away from a timeline for translation capabilities on the MXE, however. Previously he said 2009 but it did not come to pass.

But all in all a pretty busy day for Cisco's "Father of TelePresence." The Emerging  Technologies group that De Beer runs turns ideas into $1 billion dollar businesses for Cisco. TelePresence is its model child. 3,500 systems are deployed with customers, including 550 enterprises.

The Emerging Technologies group is also where winners of Cisco's I-Prize innovation contest might end up - if they want to. De Beer announced that Cisco is conducting its second I-Prize contest in which winning developers receive a $250,000 cash prize and $10 million in seed money if they want to be incubated by Cisco. If not, they can license their techonology back to Cisco for a recurring revenue stream, De Beer said.

The contest is conducted within the parameters of Cisco's Innovation Framework, which uses the company's Pulse and Show and Share collaboration tools, but no consumer TelePresence.

"So check it out," he said, summing up that piece of business.

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