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More speculation on Cisco's March 9 announcement

Unveiling its own broadband network, a la Google?

By Jim Duffy on Thu, 03/04/10 - 5:33pm.

More speculation on the big technology announcement coming from Cisco March 9 has surfaced:, citing a story last week on, reports Cisco might use the date to unveil its own broadband access network, much the same way that Google announced plans to do so., meanwhile, states that Cisco is in partnership - rather than competition -- with a number of U.S. service providers on rolling out an infrastructure to adhere to the FCC's national broadband plan: to supply 100 million US households with 100Mbps access by 2020.

The story includes a statement from Cisco on the rationale:

...future networks "will be predominantly built by the private sector, including new and existing operations using fixed and wireless technologies, various business models and partnerships", with the government providing leadership and in some cases facilitating investment.

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