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Geekiest marriage proposals of all time

Here are more than 20 marriage proposals that are beyond the capacity of ordinary men.

By Jeff Caruso on Tue, 02/08/11 - 10:05am.

They say there's a lid for every pot. And when a geek has found his lid, there comes a time when he wants to take a soldering iron to it and make sure it's not going anywhere. But a true geek can't just hide a ring in the dessert and get down on one knee. Oh, no. He must pop the question with creativity and flair, to make it as memorable as possible for his geek princess in the only ways a geek knows how. And these days, that means he might just have to do a bit of coding. Read on for some of the geekiest marriage proposals ever.

1. Some guys use a diamond, others use Perl

I told you there might be coding involved. Our first geek proposal comes to us via PerlMonks, a site designed as "a cool Internet hangout for Perl gurus and semi-advanced users." User Falkkin wrote a Perl script called "propose" in the shape of a heart and posted it on the site. Naturally, there was only one way for Vortacist to respond:

Perl proposal

2. Or maybe a Rube-y

There are those who come up with overly convoluted plans to spring their marriage proposals, and then there's this guy, who came up with an actual Rube Goldberg machine. The nearly 8-minute video explains the machine in a depth only a geek could appreciate.


Ground zero of the LOLCAT meme, the "I Can Has Cheezburger" site had "a very speshul valentines" in 2008, when a geek proposed to "Loretta" by means of a series of LOLCAT images, in "teh very furst lolproposal." Despite the shocking grammatical errors, she still said yes.

LOLCAT proposal

4. The ring says it all - literally

Artist Luke Jerram worked with a jeweler and vinyl record manufacturer Dubstudios to etch his 20-second proposal as a recorded message on an engagement ring for his beloved. If you have a miniature record player handy, maybe she'd play it for you.


5. O'Reilly book

Every geek has at least one O'Reilly book on his or her shelf. But only "PayPal Hacks: 100 Industrial-Strength Tips & Tools" has a marriage proposal right there in the acknowledgements, penned by co-author Dave Nielsen.

PayPal Hacks proposal

6. Venn diagram

This one actually did not work. Maybe there wasn't enough overlap between the circles. Maybe he should have tried a flow chart. Or maybe he should have fleshed out a full PowerPoint presentation. Whatever the case, we give props to Paul for putting himself out there in the name of love, and for posting this innovative image on GraphJam.

Venn diagram proposal

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