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New comment system coming later today

Updated: Called Disqus, it allows for cross-site sharing ... but requires registration

By Paul McNamara on Thu, 09/01/11 - 11:41am.

Sometime today our IT department is supposed to roll out a new comment system called Disqus, which will allow Network World and its sister publications within IDG Enterprise to automatically share comments that appear on news stories when those stories appear on multiple sites.

In other words, if we publish a Computerworld story, which we do often, and you put a comment on it, that comment will appear on the same story on Computerworld (which already uses Disqus) and other IDGE sites. You can read details about the comment-sharing network here.

The good news is that your words of wisdom will reach a wider audience and the views of that wider audience will be reflected here.

The bad news is that you'll need to register for Disqus even if you're already registered with us.

One more thing: Since there is no automatic sharing of blog content among the IDGE publications, comments that you leave here on Buzzblog or on other Network World blogs will appear only on Network World.

We know that registering again is a pain in the neck, but we're hoping you'll indulge us the time, as we highly value the comments of our readers. Thanks in advance.

(Update, 1:20 p.m.: It's already live here on the blogs; look down. News section to follow later, I am told.)