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What's your favorite enterprise IT product?

It's time for Fave Raves, our annual call for the best products, as chosen by readers.

By Ann Bednarz on Mon, 03/05/12 - 11:16am.

Do you have a favorite enterprise IT product you can't live without? Tell us about it and we'll share your raves with our readers.

Please send your submissions to Ann Bednarz at Network World ( by Wednesday, March 21. Please note: Submissions must be received directly from IT professionals, not through a third party.

Items to address:

1. Please provide your name, title and employer.
2. What's your favorite product? (vendor name and product name)
3. Why do you like it?
4. How has it helped you and/or your company?
5. How many years have you worked in IT?
6. What upcoming IT projects are you most excited about and why?
7. Please include a picture of yourself

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