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How did Android users, celebrities and the rest of Twitter react to the iPhone 5 announcement?

As expected, Twitter was aflutter amid Apple's highly anticipated iPhone 5 announcement today. Everyone from Android fanboys to stand-up comedians to Cap'n Crunch had something to say.

By Open Source Community on Wed, 09/12/12 - 1:54pm.

While it seemed like everyone with an internet connection was running or reading a live-blog of Apple's iPhone 5 announcement today, plenty of people took to Twitter to respond to what they were hearing.

Samsung was the first and most obvious Android supporter to crash the iPhone party. The company appeared to have purchased promoted Tweets to show up when people searched both the term "iPhone 5" and the hashtag "#iphone5."

Most interesting amid the global reaction was that of Android users, fans, or critics who prefer devices running Google's mobile operating system. Not surprisingly, many were defensive, discrediting Apple's next big smartphone without any distinct reason:

Others were more specific, calling out Apple for announcing "innovation" and "breakthroughs" for features that have been found Android devices for years, ranging from the four-inch screen to its panorama camera to LTE support:

It wasn't all so contentious on Twitter though, because, well, it's Twitter. The race to be the first to make the best and most-rewteeted iPhone-5 joke was a heated one:

And what kind of blogger would I be if I didn't include some celebrity gossip? I'll refer to them as "people you may be familiar with," because I had to look some of them up myself, but some had their own comments, while one well-known event attendees' presence may have landed him in hot water: