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Ex-Cisco engineers tackle Layer 4-7 SDNs

Anuta Networks to showcase cloud platform at Cisco Live London

By Jim Duffy on Thu, 01/24/13 - 4:17pm.

Another SDN startup with a Cisco pedigree has emerged. Anuta Networks, a provider of network services virtualization, came out of stealth mode this week and unveiled its plan for delivering "on-demand, anytime, anywhere" network services for cloud.

Anuta was founded and funded in 2010 by President & CEO Chandu Guntakala, CTO Srini Beereddy and Vice President of Engineering Praveen Vengalam. All three came from Cisco via its acquisition of Jahi Networks in 2004 - Jahi made network management appliances for enterprise firms that were designed to tie together various network devices and manage them as a single system.

The company is headquartered in Milpitas, CA., with R&D operations in Bangalore, India.

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Anuta is attempting to virtualize Layer 4-7 services, such as QoS, WAN acceleration, firewall security, load balancing, and monitoring, so that they can be more easily applied to applications that require these services. The challenge, up to now, has been that there are separate physical appliances for provisioning these services to applications, a task made more challenging by application workloads running as virtual machines or that are increasingly mobile.

Anuta's nCloudX platform is designed