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Cisco in for a virtual fight

VMware lines up big allies for its Nicira network virtualization platform

By Jim Duffy on Tue, 08/27/13 - 1:46pm.

VMware is lining up a Who's Who of networking vendors to take on partner/rival Cisco in network virtualization and SDNs. At its VMWorld conference this week, the company announced that Juniper, Arista, HP, Dell and Brocade are supporting integration with VMware's NSX network virtualization platform, obtained from last year's $1.26 billion acquisition of start-up Nicira.

HP, the No. 2 switch vendor to Cisco in terms of revenue, says it will federate its own Virtual Application Networks SDN Controller with the VMware's NSX to offer customers an integrated way to automate the orchestration of physical and virtual data center network infrastructure through interoperable policies and centralized view and control. The HP controller will support VMware's Open vSwitch Database management protocol to enable HP switches to be provisioned by VMware's NSX.

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Centralized visibility will be enabled through a new HP application that runs on its SDN controller, called ConvergedControl. ConvergedControl works with HP's Intelligent Management Center, which is already integrated with VMware's vCenter management software.

Dell said it is also supporting VMware's NSX controller and vCenter deployments with its new S6000 high-density 10/40G switch. The S6000 includes hardware accelerated Layer 2 gateway functionality to the VMware NSX controller for bridging traffic between virtualized and physical environments.

Dell also demonstrated an upcoming feature for its Active Fabric Manager 2.0 software that includes a command line interface for VMware's vSphere