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zune phone

Microsoft launches Kin "social" phone

After years of speculation about a Microsoft-designed mobile phone, the Kin has finally appeared.
Submitted by Microsoft Subnet on Mon, 04/12/10 - 5:46pm.

Microsoft today previewed its new phone family, Kin, complete with two models. The Kin, designed by Microsoft and built by Sharp, is aimed at social networking. However, the Kin sports a Zune player, but blocks third-party applications and so, at least in my mind, hasn't earned the nickname of "smartphone."

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Microsoft demonstrates Windows Phone 7

Phone 7 features a new user interface, heavily influenced by the Zune
Submitted by Microsoft Subnet on Wed, 02/17/10 - 3:53pm.

My collegue John Cox has an interesting take on Microsoft's Windows Mobile 7 announcements. He notes that the technical details were sparse, and the official Web site doesn't add much. Microsoft didn't reveal what changes, if any, it had made to the operating system kernel, which in the past has been based on Windows CE.

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Microsoft-branded tablet/phone again rumoured to be coming

The infamous Project Pink is back in the spotlight.
Submitted by Microsoft Subnet on Mon, 09/21/09 - 3:20pm.

The infamous Project Pink is once again causing buzz. Unnamed sources are claiming that the project will produce a Microsoft-branded tablet as well as a mobile phone (also known as the so-called Zune phone). Project Pink last hit the rumor mill back in April. This time more details are circulating. It could either be one handset or possibly two devices--codenamed 'Turtle' and 'Pure,' according to Engadget.

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WM 6.5, Zune phone news expected at Mobile Congress

Submitted by Microsoft Subnet on Fri, 02/13/09 - 7:02pm.

Although we at Microsoft Subnet will be taking a much needed day off on Monday in honor of President's Day, word is that Microsoft is planning some big announcements as part of the Mobile World Congress show in Barcelona, which begins Monday.

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Windows 7 public beta arrives, Zune phone does not

Submitted by Microsoft Subnet on Thu, 01/08/09 - 12:14pm.

After all the countless rumors of what Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer planned to announce during his CES keynote speech in Las Vegas last night, the speech itself might have been a bit of a letdown. On the one hand, he announced a publicly available version of a Windows 7 beta -- which is what the enterprise is most curious to investigate.

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Microsoft phone announced at CES? How 'bout the Zune XBox360 Mobile?

Submitted by Microsoft Subnet on Wed, 12/10/08 - 2:05pm.

Microsoft always launches a product or two at the Consumer Electronics Show. Today's rumor is that Microsoft will reveal a Zune phone, courtesey of the Barron's Tech Trader Daily blog.

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