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TechEd 2009

Microsoft's Delicate Balancing Act Between Cloud and Data Center

Can Microsoft pull off moving to the cloud without losing customers in the process?
Submitted by Mitchell Ashley on Tue, 11/10/09 - 10:04am.

TechEd's focus on Exchange 2010 this week is all about the efficiency gains through improved productivity, lower power consumption (thanks to Windows Server 2008 R2) and decreased storage costs of Exchange 2010. Thank the economy for the focus on efficiency gains. Upgrades like Exchange 2010 will get close budget scrutiny in 2010/2011 and for the remainder of this year.

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TechED Developer Party

Submitted by Randy Muller on Wed, 04/29/09 - 11:40pm.

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No testing at TechEd 2009

Submitted by Randy Muller on Tue, 04/21/09 - 12:06am.

The budget ax strikes - The Certification Testing Center is the latest casualty and will not be at TechEd this year. You will not be able to take any tests at TechEd at 50% off.   In an effort to keep costs under control, the Certification Testing center was cut. I am sure this was not an easy decision to make, but all is not lost . 

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The Bus cometh..

Submitted by Randy Muller on Sun, 03/29/09 - 11:43pm.

I can just hear you now. “Why should I enter? I never win anything.

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Want to attend a great conference and save some money?

Submitted by Randy Muller on Thu, 03/26/09 - 7:59pm.

 Then here is chance!  If you are an MCP and you want to attend TechEd, but the cost is a bit high, then this is your day!  Saving money is always nice given the costs of attending TechEd.  Having an opportunity to save on the show pass, especially given that the Early Bird registration discounts have passed their expiry date, is a good thing!  

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Get on the Bus

Submitted by Randy Muller on Tue, 03/24/09 - 3:37pm.

Last week I posted about this great opportunity to attend TechEd.  The fine folks at Born to Learn have provided more details on this contest.  Remember, the Bus is going to stop in the following cities:  Tampa, Atlanta, Charlotte, Phi

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On the Road to TechEd

Submitted by Randy Muller on Wed, 03/18/09 - 6:51pm.

On the Road to TechEdNow here is an interesting opportunity to not only TRAVEL to TechEd, but also ATTEND TechEd - all by simply riding a bus.

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Testing at TechEd 2009

Submitted by Randy Muller on Fri, 02/20/09 - 11:33pm.

Ok Techies - it is almost upon us!  In a few short (well, maybe more than just a few) weeks it will be time for that Microsoft Geek Week of tech extravaganza - TechEd 2009!  Yes, it is almost that time - time for over 500 Educational Sessions, time to hear from some of the Industry's experts in various fields, for a week's worth of networking - all in one event.  If you have been to a TechEd before, you know what it offers - if you haven't been to one before, yo

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