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Error 404--Not Found

From RFC 2068 Hypertext Transfer Protocol -- HTTP/1.1:

10.4.5 404 Not Found

The server has not found anything matching the Request-URI. No indication is given of whether the condition is temporary or permanent.

If the server does not wish to make this information available to the client, the status code 403 (Forbidden) can be used instead. The 410 (Gone) status code SHOULD be used if the server knows, through some internally configurable mechanism, that an old resource is permanently unavailable and has no forwarding address.


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Volition™ Media Converters from 3M are designed to assist in the migration from copper-based cabling to glass optical fiber systems at 10mb Ethernet™ protocol.

ADC has launched a new class of service delivery units, ServicePoint, that offers enterprise customers termination, end-to-end Frame Relay circuit monitoring and control of how their network bandwidth is used -- all in a single easy-to-manage device. Product enhancements can be added via software download. ServicePoint delivers mission-critical application performance while controlling WAN resources and costs.

American Power Conversion - Smart UPS
Win an APC Netshelter enclosure complete with a Smart-UPS 1400 Rackmount UPS! APC Smart-UPS RM: the management you want, the pure power you need.

AXENT Technologies, Inc.
Complete network security starting at less than $5000. Now AXENT Technologies and Compaq have combined forces to deliver pre-tested firewall server solutions based on best-of-breed technologies, with prices starting at less than $5000.

BindView Development - Security Seminars
What about exposures outside of the network? Your company does not have to be in the Fortune 100 to be under attack. The Internet has armed even "casual" hackers with an endless supply of tools and techniques to drill through conventional security to the heart of the network. Find out how vulnerable your network may be -- and then be armed with the information and tools you need to fix the most prominent security risks.

BMC Software - Resolve
For more than 18 years, leading companies have relied on BMC Software to climb ahead of the competition with superior solutions to manage large-scale computing environments. RESOLVE by BMC Software is a single-source family of solutions for enterprise recovery and storage management. Offering the most comprehensive recovery and storage solution set on the market, RESOLVE by BMC Software delivers complementary solutions focused on Recovery for Distributed Systems, Recovery for OS/390 and Enterprise Storage Management.

Cisco Systems - Powered Network
Choosing the right service provider for Internet access or data service is an important decision. That's why Cisco developed the Cisco Powered Network program: to identify and introduce service providers that offer the highest levels of quality and reliability-and meet your specific needs.

Ericsson Infotech
Ericsson SS7 - Your key to new business in the New Telecom World. Signalling System No. 7 is a key to new business in one of the fastest growing areas within Telephony and Data Communications. SS7 was designed back in the 1970's to synchronize call set up and and teardown in digital telecommunications networks. Today it is the vehicle that brings intelligence, mobility, and connectivity into telecommunications.

F5 Labs
BIG/ip and 3DNS intelligently distribute Internet and intranet user requests across redundant arrays of network servers, regardless of platform type or combination. BIG/ip and 3DNS support a wide variety of network applications such as Web, e-mail, news, LDAP, telephony, streamed multimedia and other IP protocol traffic; database access; and FTP, firewall and cache server traffic to provide high availability for client connections.

First USA - Careers
First USA is part of Bank One, one of this country's largest and best providers of financial services to consumers and businesses, offering everything from ATM services and home equity loans to mutual funds and commercial lending services. First USA is a place where you can find challenge and growth, and come to view yourself as part of something exceptional and different. You can use your individual talents and abilities to serve our customers and fellow employees and to move our business forward in our commitment to offer the finest credit card service in the nation.

Foundry Networks, Inc.
Enterprises and ISPs that require high Gigabit Ethernet port density and industry leading performance rely on the BigIron 4000 or 8000 chassis. The award-winning BigIron family of switching routers support 10/100/1000 Mbps connectivity, Layer 2/3/4 switching, multi-protocol routing and a full set of features.

IBM eNetwork Software
IBM eNetwork Software provides the communications infrastructure for Business Intelligence.The eNetwork Software Host Integration solution connects users on virtually any platform to the information they need.

As an Intraware member you'll discover all the latest Internet software secrets and simplify your web-based software selection, procurement, and maintenance. You'll also enjoy free access to many other valuable services.

Intraware Challenge
Intraware's presents "Jane's IT Challenge." It's your chance to win a $10,000 design-your-own vacation certificate just for signing up!

Make Systems
Visit the Make Systems site for more information.

MCI WorldCom
MCI WorldCom On-Net Services providing a single access method for all of your voice, data and Internet services.

NetPrism 2.0 is a comprehensive web-based network device management system for Network Managers, Systems Integrators, and Network Device Vendors.

NetSolve - provider of remote network management & implementation services to carriers and enterprise customers. NetSolve's services cover both WAN and LAN management, plus Internet and Intranet security monitoring and response.

NetSuite Advanced Professional Design, NetSuite Professional Audit, and Network2000 can discover your network, validate it based upon an industry tested rules-based engine, and automatically test it for Y2K compliance. Register to download a free copy of "Remote Network Access and Services."

Network-1 Security Solutions, Inc.
Network-1 develops, markets, sells and supports products that deliver the highest level of security for e-Business networks. Our CyberwallPLUS product line is based on almost a decade of experience designing and securing mission critical, Global 2000 networks.

Nortel Networks Unified Networks Seminars
Building the network that's right for you means building a new class of network. One that's ready, at each step of the way, to help answer your business questions.

RADCOM's World of Protocols is a comprehensive review of data communications protocols and technologies for network managers and field service.

Rainbow Technology
Rainbow Technology is a provider of secure web server and Virtual Private Network acceleration boards, anti-piracy and Internet software distribution solutions.

Ripple Technology
Ripple Technology's LogCaster NT system level security provides real-time information about your operating system. Developed to complement Windows NT operating systems by providing systems administrators with more control.

Sterling SOLVE:Netmaster
Sterling's SOLVE:Netmaster for TCP/IP provides network managers with more reliable, comprehensive and integrated approaches for gaining control over the IT infrastructure.

Telco Research Corporation
Telco Research Corporation develops telemanagement software applications that include: enterprise accounting, network accounting, Internet accounting, Intranet accounting, ISDN accounting, videoconferencing accounting, call accounting.

Tivoli Systems
Discover how Tivoli solutions can help you maximize the competitive advantage of IT assets in your enterprise-and give you a dramatic, sustainable, competitive edge in today's Networked Economy.

Visual Networks
Visual Networks' Visual UpTime is a WAN Service Level Management System, with toolsets that allow you to shed some light on network performance and reduce WAN downtime. It provides detailed service level reporting to protocol analysis to remote troubleshooting, ensuring that WAN downtime is not an issue on your network.

VPNet annouces its VPNsure Program, a "first of its kind" suite of products and services designed to enable service providers to enter the global market for managed VPN services in record time.

Wavespan's 5800 system provides a benchmark for broadband systems with its 10 Mbps full-duplex throughput, embedded IP networking capabilities, modulation agility, SNMP network management, web browser (HTML) user interface, high-gain flat phased-array antenna, and software-assisted antenna aiming.

WinNet MCS's WIN-100 family of wireless systems delivers full-duplex Fast Ethernet (100-Mbps), point-to-point (PTP) and full mesh-network connectivity between routers across metro-industrial areas. WIN-100 systems to span up to 10 km per link while providing unparalleled throughput, bandwidth efficiency and data delivery performance equal or superior to fiber.

Xircom's RealPort Integrated PC Cards with built-in connectors eliminate the hassles of broken or lost cables and broken pop-out jacks--the number one problem of PC card users.

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