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Case Studies

The inside scoop on how is getting fixed
Rackspace CTO John Engates tells InfoWorld about his recent White House briefing on the improvements to
Why Microsoft .Net failed
Microsoft tried, but it couldn't win the hearts and minds of developers who weren't already indoctrinated -- and it alienated others along the way.
Outsourced software project with 6,000 pages of specs ends badly
Orange County and the contractor, Tata Consultancy Services and its U.S.-based subsidiary, are now attempting reach a mediated agreement on "fatally flawed" tax system rewrite.
How my company went 100 percent cloud
After a major outage, a software consulting company swapped its in-house infrastructure for a cloud equivalent in record time. How did they do it?
The savvy tech strategy behind Obamacare
The ONC's Doug Fridsma, who helps lead efforts to integrate HITECH requirements a federal level, explains why the health IT for EHRs and Obamacare should be like the Internet, and not like ERP or traditional IT systems.
Improving K-12 education with shared data and open APIs
A fragmented school system means siloed data, custom apps, and high costs, but education startup InBloom offers a better way with a common data store and APIs any app can use.
MySQL mistake is a wake-up call on open source ownership
Contributor agreements grease the funding wheels of many open source projects, but they can also endanger a project's health and stability. Simon Phipps uses the Oracle-MySQL scare to illustrate.
Java developer says he built, launched basic open source office suite in 30 days
Java Developer Anthony Goubard claims it took him just 30 days to build the open source office suite Joeoffice, which he hopes will someday compete with Google Docs.
Big movies, big data: Netflix embraces NoSQL in the cloud
With billions of reads and writes daily, Netflix relies on NoSQL database Cassandra to replace a legacy Oracle deployment.
The dark side of the beloved Python
The schism between Python 2.x and 3.x and other deficiencies frustrate its enthusiastic developer community.
Didn't test? Then don't deploy
It's human nature to hurry, but developers take the leap from build to production at their own peril. Here's a quick scenario that demonstrates why you should test, test, and test some more.
Why Netflix is embracing Python over Java
From boosting resilience to improving security to managing Cassandra clusters, Netflix engineers embrace the freedom to choose the best language for the job. In many cases it's Python.
Ops to dev: It's your fault, and here's proof
Operations is tired of fixing failures, and development denies it has a quality control issue -- but the numbers don't lie.
For next-gen IT, resistance is fertile
Forward-thinking IT shops know that a successful business culture begins with understanding employee resistance, not squashing it. Find out how next-gen IT companies are mastering the fine art of change management.
Cut-throat culture sinks an IT project
A developer sounds off on how acquisition, competition, and corporate dysfunction brought down an IT project. It's a familiar story, so why do software teams and companies keep repeating it?
Twitter's programmers speed Hadoop development
To analyze enormous volumes of metadata and messages, Twitter turned to Hadoop with Cascading, which vastly simplifies MapReduce programming while letting developers code in the JVM language of their choice.
Evernote buys into big data analytics for a song
To collect and analyze data on 200 million daily events, Evernote transitioned from a MySQL data warehouse to a hybrid environment of Hadoop and ParAccel.
The full Java life: Interview with Jim Showalter, principal engineer at Intuit
JavaWorld talks with Intuit Principal Engineer Jim Showalter about the evolving Java technology stack at Intuit, why Java is his programming language of choice, and where he finds challenge and inspiration as a career programmer.
Big data publishing gets the royal treatment
How the MarkLogic NoSQL database guided the U.K. Royal Society of Chemistry into the twenty-first century, making 170 years of educational content available to the public.
Facebook reveals secrets behind its speedier new Android app
How Facebook engineers rebuilt native code, reduced garbage collection, and moved photos to a native heap in order to amp the Android application feature.