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CES 2013

How wireless charging can drive near-field communications growth
At CES 2013, the Wireless Power Consortium displayed dozens of devices that were designed to the Qi wireless charging standard, suggesting that 2013 may be the year wireless charging becomes a feature consumers expect to come standard in new smartphones.
Q&A: What the FCC's Wi-Fi expansion means for you
Mobile devices like the iPhone 5 are embracing the 5GHz band, and that trend will expand as 802.11ac radios become prevalent even on smartphones starting in 2013. 
5 takeaways from CES 2013
CES 2013 has come and gone. In addition to "wear more comfortable shoes next time," here's what we learned at this year's premier consumer technology conference.
Is CES a thieves' paradise?
The International CES is packed to the rafters with the latest in shiny, often expensive high-tech gadgets, so it's no surprise that theft is a problem for companies exhibiting at the show.
How Bill ruined keynotes and Qualcomm got weird and crazy at CES
It's all Bill's fault. At one time the big keynote presentations at shows like Comdex (R.I.P.) were glimpses into the future.
Tablets rule: Every shape, size, and OS emerges at CES
It's official: We've entered the tablet age, and 2013 looks to be a greatA year for slates. Tablets appeared in all forms at the International CES and were just about everywhere you looked--and the noteworthy and innovative models featured Windows 8, not Android, inside.
CES 2013: Cloud-based services trending in consumer market
While at CES this year, we looked for but didn't find any evidence that tablet computers will replace the laptop anytime soon, but we did observe some progress in the public cloud that will enable the "connected home" and the "connected car."
CES 2013: Amazing spectacles and awkward moments
Did that just happen?
10 things seen and heard at CES
The latest TVs and tablets are only part of the fun that International CES has to offer. This is about the biggest tech trade show in the world, after all, with thousands of vendors falling over each other to get noticed. Live demos go wrong, marketing tricks backfire and the antics on the show...
CES '13: IBM wants to connect your whole house to its cloud
A big theme at this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has been the connected home. There are televisions connected to the cloud; refrigerators connected to the Internet; heating, lighting and security systems connected to sensors and monitors. And IBM wants all of those devices to be connected...
RIM at CES: 5 things to know about BlackBerry 10
Research in Motion is at CES this week talking up BlackBerry 10, the company's smartphone refresh set to debut January 30. Despite five years of floundering behind Apple's iPhone and Google Android devices, RIM is generating interest in BlackBerry 10 with a slick, touch-centric smartphone...
Hottest Android news & rumors for the week ending Jan. 11, CES-style
ZTE and Huawei took home most of the device-related headlines from this year's International CES in Las Vegas, which didn't exactly provide an earthshaking amount of Android news for a show of its size. Nevertheless, the companies both demonstrated strong new offerings, and other players, including...
Tech crowd welcomes FCC's Wi-Fi expansion plans
CES attendees took to the FCC's plan for more Wi-Fi spectrum, which was announced at the show on Wednesday, like hungry gamblers to a buffet.
Micron unveils its first 1TB SSD -- for under $600
Micron on Thursday unveiled its first terabyte-sized solid-state drive (SSD) for consumers, the Crucial M500, which will sell for under $600, or 60 cents per gigabyte.
Make way for faster, smarter, cloud-savvy networks
Network gear may not be the sexiest stuff at the International CES, but it provides the infrastructure for lots of cool gadgets and cloud services on display here. And those products will benefit from the improved networks and network devices that vendors plan to ship this year.
Samsung previews foldable, rollable 'Youm' smartphone displays
Flexible OLEDs that can be rolled up or wrapped around the sides of smartphones are getting closer to reality. Samsung Electronics showed some of its prototype flexible displays at CES Wednesday and launched a new brand name for them, Youm.
Microsoft exec doesn't rule out Intel-based Windows Phones
After Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer made a surprise appearance during a Qualcomm keynote at International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), some analysts wondered how married the company is to Snapdragon chips and the ARM-based ecosystem.
SAP's CIO hits CES to understand consumerization of IT
Oliver Bussmann, CIO at SAP, boasts he has 6,000 followers on Twitter. He also makes a point of attending trade shows like the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) to grab ideas on new innovations.
Microsoft's CES no-show: Epic fail or epic foresight?
It should've been awkward. This year's CES is the first show since Microsoft's amicable split with the Consumer Electronics Association. Redmond severed deep ties, giving up an annual booth in a marquee floor spot, and sidelining theA dynamic duo of Ballmer and Gates, who had warmed up...
CES reveals the four new rules of PC simplicity
Behold the PCs of CES 2013. They are simpler, smarter, easier to use, and more portable than their now ever-so-clunky predecessors. No mice or keyboards are required. Indeed, these are not your daddy's computers. And let's not even call them PCs. How about: Tablets, hybrids, all-in-ones,...
Intel CTO says we're watching rebirth of the PC
Intel CTO Justin Rattner said the traditional PC couldn't survive in the age of the gadget and that we're in the midst of the rebirth of the PC.
Intel still struggling in smartphones as ARM rivals move forward
It's been a year since the introduction of the first Intel Inside handset, but the company's struggles to break into the smartphone market continue as rivals Nvidia and Qualcomm improved speed and power efficiency of ARM chips, which dominate that market.
Bill Clinton crashes CES to talk politics and the Internet
Former U.S. President Bill Clinton made a surprise appearance at the International CES on Wednesday, where he talked a little about technology and a lot about hot-button political issues like the environment and gun control.
CES 2013: From Russia with e-Ink - hands-on with the YotaPhone
If you're a serious Android-watcher, you've probably heard of the YotaPhone - the Russian-built Android phone that packs a rear-mounted e-Ink display in addition to a standard touchscreen.
New tech promises to expand wireless charging
PowerbyProxi has developed technology that it says can wireless charge AA batteries, smartphones and even headphones -- all at the same time.
Five smartphone trends from Las Vegas
In 2013, a high-end smartphone should have a full-HD 5-inch screen and a 13-megapixel camera to remain competitive, if products launched at International CES in Las Vegas this week are an indication of the state of the art for mobile devices.
T-Mobile CEO calls AT&T New York network 'crap'
CES may not be the phone show it once was, but that didn't stop T-Mobile from making a few major mobile announcements at an event Tuesday evening, and talking some good ol' smack.
CES 2013: Diary of a CES Noob, Day 2
As old CES hands like our own Keith Shaw advised, Tuesday was orders of magnitude more busy than Monday. Now the show had a crush of people to go with its gargantuan physical scale. All the booths were put together and running, everyone's gear was on display - the effect was overwhelming.
Verizon aims to stream next year's Superbowl over LTE
Verizon wants to use its nationwide LTE wireless network to stream the 2014 Superbowl live, CEO Lowell McAdam told a keynote audience at International CES late on Tuesday.
ZTE unveils big-screen smartphone, could be coming to US and Europe
Jumping on the big-screen smartphone bandwagon at CES, China's ZTE on Tuesday unveiled a flagship Android phone with a 5-inch full HD display.
Intel mum on speed improvements for Thunderbolt
Intel said it is working to make the Thunderbolt data transfer technology faster as it wages a speed race with the USB 3.0 protocol, but the company declined to say when improvements will be finished.
New specs ease connections by wire or wireless
The Wi-Fi Alliance demonstrated the emerging Miracast wireless display technology at International CES here Tuesday by sending live computer game animation from a smartphone to a 27-in. television.
AMD not interested in low-cost tablets
AMD is not interested in entering the low-cost tablet market and will rely on Windows 8 as it tries to find its bearings in the fast-growing tablet market, the company said.
CES: Suddenly wireless charging is everywhere
The Wireless Power Consortium displayed a wide array or wireless charging technology, from desktops and car armrests to pads that accept one or more devices.
Tablets to dominate laptops in 2013, but not without a fight
Asus , Lenovo, Intel and Nvidia are using CES to show off their latest tablet and PC innovations headed to store shelves later in 2013. But gadget makers would be better off focusing on slates rather than notebook PCs, one market research firm suggests.
CES first look: Android tablets tuned for kids
When your kids see you using a tablet, of course they want to use one, too. Thank goodness there are some tablets out there tailored to them, so they can share the experience--without begging for time on your own device.
Intel plans on controlling computers with a dirty look
Users will some day soon toss aside their keyboard and command their computers with hand gestures and even the look on their face.
OLPC announces XO Tablet with 7-inch screen
One Laptop Per Child is back in the tablet race, announcing a new 7-inch tablet with the Android OS that will be sold commercially and include its learning software.
Sony doubles down on 4K resolution technology
Television at four times the resolution of today's high-def images is turning out to be one of the most popular bets among consumer electronics makers in Las Vegas at this year's CES.
CES 2013: Diary of a CES noob, Day 1
CES is one of the few big techie events that I was at least moderately familiar with before I started working here at Network World, less than a year ago. I always thought of it as the nerd playground to end all nerd playgrounds, with years-from-release technology available to the eager gadgeteer.
Panasonic shows off 20-inch tablet with 4K screen
Panasonic on Tuesday showed off a 20-inch tablet with a 4K screen that can display images at a resolution of 3840-by-2160 pixels and is designed to improve multimedia tasks such as photo editing.
Panasonic shows world's first 4K OLED TV
Raising the bar for image quality on television sets, Panasonic unveiled a 56-inch OLED TV that shows images at 4K resolution, four times the overall resolution of current 1080p high-definition TVs.
Broadcom gears up to bring UltraHD video into homes
As TV makers show off UltraHD TVs at CES, communications chip maker Broadcom is introducing the guts of future gateways that will be able to bring video for those sets into viewers' homes.
Video streaming gets a boost with new 802.11ac products
New 802.11ac routers launching at International CES promise users gigabit-speeds and better performance when streaming video.
CES 2013: Can Intel save the Ultrabook?
Ultrabooks made a big splash at last year's CES, but sales over the course of 2012 were disappointing. Intel yesterday made a determined bid to change all that.
The phones have left the building
Sorry folks, the phones have left CES--and it doesn't look like they'll be coming back. What was once a waterfall of shiny new handsets has turned into a pitiful trickle as phone manufacturers and carriers opt for mobile-only conferences and private events to launch their hot new devices.
Qualcomm aims Snapdragon 800 chips at 'premium' phones and tablets
Qualcomm's keynote at the International CES was packed with big names and even a Big Bird, but CEO Paul Jacobs' focus was on something much smaller -- a new family of processors aimed at high-end smartphones and tablets.
Ballmer, Big Bird and Desmond Tutu enliven Qualcomm's big night at CES
Qualcomm called on some big names Monday to ensure its opening-night keynote at the International CES wasn't a dud. Steve Ballmer, Big Bird, the pop group Maroon5, and even former Archbishop Desmond Tutu all made appearances to keep things rolling along.
Cisco: TV, weather and Facebook could take over one of your walls
As TVs get higher resolution and bigger displays, while getting cheaper over time, cable operators may be able to cover an entire wall of your home with a screen that includes two full-size TV shows plus weather, upcoming show information, a social media feed and other elements, according to Cisco...
Sony unveils flagship Xperia Z smartphone
Watch movies in the shower, capture HDR video, or just use it to make phone calls. Sony says it has something for everyone in its new Xperia Z smartphone, the company's flagship handset for 2013.