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CES 2014

CES 2014: a look back at what mattered
Innovation certainly was on display at CES 2014--4K HDTV hardware reached affordable prices, there was a tsunami of wearable fitness and health tech, 3D printers popped up everywhere, and smart cars made their mark, just to name a few of the major trends we spotted.
Keep a watchful eye on your kid with the Trax wearable sensor
Parents who want a little extra peace of mind will love Trax, a small wearable GPS sensor made for kids and pets. Trax, designed by Wonder Technology Solutions, pairs with a mobile app so you can use your phone to keep a watchful eye on your loved one's whereabouts and receive alerts if they...
Will smart locks open the door for home automation?
Home automation has a public relations problem: If the non-tech obsessed public views it at all, it views it as complicated, intimidating and possibly unnecessary. And home-automation technology is still in an emerging state, with many products still working out various kinks and...
FiLIP tracks your kids and lets them call you, so you can relax
If you've ever lost a small child in a busy department store, you probably remember the feeling of utter panic that clenches your stomach. You probably remember calling his name over and over, the intensity of your voice ratcheting up each time. Seconds seem like minutes and when you finally...
Tablets get more sophisticated, with bigger screens, dual OSes and car access
Tablets are getting bigger screens, moving into cars, and dual-booting Windows and Android at this year's International CES show as tech vendors give a glimpse into the gadget's future.
A robotic camera for the ultimate video selfie
Chris Boyle was surfing with friends in the Dominican Republic a few years ago when came up with the idea for the Soloshot, a robotic camera that tracks your every more from about a mile away.
CES flops: A brief history of high hopes and bad guesses
With this year's Consumer Electronics Show winding down, and a deluge of recap articles and slideshows flooding the Internet, it’s always important to remember that what may be exciting at CES is not always an indication of what will transform the consumer technology market.
Asleep at the wheel: Searching for super-smart cars at CES
Cool, intelligent car? Check. Controller wristwatch? Check. Now all you need is the leather jacket and 1980s perm to be Michael Knight.
Snakebyte Vyper tablet doubles as an entertainment hub for your TV
I've never had the burning desire to play Angry Birds on a screen larger than 10 inches, but if you have, you may just be the target audience of the Snakebyte Vyper--a portable, Android-based all-in-one entertainment system that turns a 7-inch tablet into a smart TV with the help of a docking...
IOgear dongle consolidates computer, devices into one cohesive workstation
Text messages on your phone, email on your PC, photos on your tablet, and you constantly shifting your focus between the three to get your work done. Sound familiar? IOgear's KeyShair GKMB02 promises to end all that.
Prices of 4K monitors fall to under $800
Prices of 4K monitors have fallen to under US$800, finally coming within the reach of users who didn't want to spend thousands on displays.
Handheld 3Doodler pen brings out your inner 3D-printing artist
One of the most unique machines on display in CES's 3D printing tech zone isn't a lightning-fast printer with little calibration needed, a printer that creates 3D objects out of regular paper, or the latest in resin-based printing.
BeeWii's Bluetooth toys let you form your own robot fight club
The First Law of Robotics may declare that robots can't injure humans or allow them to come to harm. But Isaac Asimov never said anything about robots harming each other for our amusement.
The battle for your body is on at CES
At this year's International CES, the most valuable real estate isn't the prime exhibit areas in the huge halls of the Las Vegas Convention Center. It's you.
The Traveling Nerds brought a drone to CES -- here's the video
With over 2 million net square feet of exhibit space, this year's CES is bigger than ever. It's easy to feel overwhelmed, knowing there's always some exhibits you haven't seen. Unless, of course, you can get a drone's eye view with a flying camera.
Pixeom lets you set up cloud services without the data center
If it's not the NSA or Google it's someone else. These days it seems there's always somebody scanning your data, looking to make a profit or to learn something about you. What if you could set up your own social network or e-commerce site that didn't require putting your information...
Vendors hope wireless charging will resonate with consumers
A handful of vendors have introduced products based on resonant wireless power transfer at International CES, which will increase charging distances and allow users to charge multiple products at the same time.
Intel announces death of McAfee brand. Will it be that simple?
Three and a half years after Intel acquired McAfee, the chip giant looks set to ditch the famous brand that still bears the name of its colourful founder, John McAfee.
AMD prototype PC could be mistaken for an envelope
Even ultrathin ultrabooks are launched with some fanfare, with branding and markings designed to attract the eye. Not so with AMD's new prototype PC. This isn't room for much branding. It's so small I thought it was a nameplate.
Viewsonic: Monitors aren't just for PCs, but your phones, too
In August, Viewsonic executives said that we should rethink the concept of the traditional monitor, extending it into the mobile generation by building Android into it. At CES, Viewsonic tried a simpler version of the same vision: simply allowing mobile phones and tablets to connect their content...
CES Diary: Scenes from the show floor
CES, as you may have read in this very publication, is big. Like, really, really big. The Las Vegas Convention Center has 3.2 million square feet of floor space, of which CES this year used about two thirds, and it’s easy to get genuinely lost in the vastness of the main halls.
Razer's modular Project Christine makes building PCs as easy as building Legos
It's a tree! It's a ribcage! It' incredibly modular desktop computer that allows users to easily swap in new components with minimal computer knowledge? And it's designed by Razer?
SNL cast helps Marissa Mayer launch Yahoo News Digest
Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer got some help from "Saturday Night Live" cast members Tuesday when she took the stage at the International CES to announce a new app called Yahoo News Digest.
Faster mobile storage from Toshiba coming next quarter
Toshiba in the second quarter of this year will start making flash drives for smartphones and tablets that are substantially faster, smaller and more power-efficient than current NAND flash, the company said on Tuesday.
Chinese vendors plan tablets loaded with both Android and Windows
Consumers looking for a cheap tablet later this year will find some devices loaded with both Android and Windows 8, a new trend among Chinese manufacturers.
Android heads to desktops as reliance on Internet grows
More PC makers are bringing Android to desktops as users increasingly turn to the Internet for apps, storage and entertainment.
Network chief likes AT&T's spectrum holdings -- as the carrier buys more
When AT&T technology and network chief John Donovan said on Monday that he felt good about the carrier's spectrum position, he had an extra reason for his optimism.
ioSafe unveils massive disaster-proof storage capacity with 1513+
Every year at CES ioSafe has raised the bar for disaster-proof storage--often with dramatic demonstrations involving fire, or guns, or massive bolts of electricity. This year ioSafe scaled back the theatrics but announced a new product that lets you store massive amounts of data in a private cloud...
Sony answers Oculus, Microsoft with new gaming headgear, glasses
If you've been thinking that the Oculus Rift is the future of immersive video and gaming, Sony would like a word with you--and it has the hardware to prove it.
Wolfram offers data analysis stack to device makers
Banking on its deep expertise in mathematical analysis and visualization, Wolfram Research is extending its set of tools so they can be used by portable device manufacturers to offer richer, more interactive data to their users.
Hands-on with the ZTE Grand S II, a voice-activated phone
With all the smartphones on the market, Chinese company ZTE is hoping to set its phones apart by bringing voice-assistant technology to its newest flagship device, the Grand S II.
Cisco takes TV to the cloud
Cisco this week extended its Videoscape Internet TV services platform into the cloud by adopting OpenStack orchestration to allow content providers to offer video “as-a-service.”
AMD to move away from CPU-only chips for gaming rigs
Advanced Micro Devices is looking to move away from providing CPU-only chips for gaming machines, instead switching over to accelerated processing units (APUs) that integrate CPUs with graphics cores.
AMD's Kaveri chips bring computing, graphics closer in function and name
AMD said Monday that the two new members of its A-series "Kaveri" chips are now available for preorder, and launching January 14. But the biggest update to its new hybrid CPUs with integrated graphics may be one of terminology.
Intel chief opens CES with parade of wearables
Intel's CEO, battling to keep the company relevant as computing moves beyond the PC, introduced a new line of wearable computers Monday night, including a connected smartwatch and a pair of earbuds with a built-in heart monitor.
Intel developing smart bracelet, parades wearable devices
Intel is developing a smart wrist device and showing a host of prototype wearable devices at this week's International CES trade show with the hope to find the next big hit.
Intel's smallest computer to power wearable devices
Intel hopes a new mini-computer the size of an SD card will drive growth for it in the wearables market.
Nuance, Intel build speech commands into PCs -- finally
PCs from Acer, Dell, HP and Lenovo will soon include Nuance's Dragon Assistant, the speech giant's technology for tweeting, Facebooking, and playing music using voice commands.
Next ARM server chip maker: Qualcomm?
Qualcomm's CEO said his company has the capabilities to build ARM server chips but was careful not to disclose any product plans at the International CES in Las Vegas.
Samsung updates its PCs with new ATIV One 7 and Book 9
Like Samsung's smartphones and tablets? You might also like its new PCs. That seems to be the message Samsung is sending, anyway, with the two updates to its PC offerings announced Monday at CES 2014--a complete revamp of the ATIV One 7 all-in-one and a less-exhaustive upgrade of the ATIV Book...
3D webcams will help PCs read human emotions, Intel says
Intel wants to bridge the gap between the virtual and real worlds with the help of 3D webcams, which the company hopes will replace the mundane 2D cameras in laptops and tablets by the second half of this year.
Asus' new PC convertible can switch between Windows and Android in five seconds
PC maker Asus is taking the Windows-Android hybrid concept to another level with a convertible laptop that can switch between the two OSes with the click of an on-screen button.
Toshiba's Chromebook is the company's first Googley laptop
After teasing us with news of joining the Chromebook ranks at the Intel Developer Forum in September, Toshiba has finally pulled back the curtain on its first ChromeOS-powered laptop, the aptly named Toshiba Chromebook.
OEMs, Intel making big mistake with two-headed, dual-OS devices
OEMs and Intel risk damaging both the Android and Windows ecosystems if they go through with plans to sell devices able to run software from both worlds, an analyst argued today.
AT&T lets companies sponsor subscribers' mobile data
AT&T will let media companies and other partners cover the cost of delivering some data over the carrier's mobile network, letting subscribers click on videos and other content without worrying about their monthly data caps.
Huawei's new Ascend Mate 2 comes with two days of battery life
China's Huawei Technologies has updated its 6.1-inch "phablet," the Ascend Mate, with a new version that boasts an average two-day battery life, and can even charge up other devices.
New chips equipped for 4K video streaming
Makers of cable boxes and video streaming devices will soon have the option of delivering 4K video with STMicroelectronics' new chips, which will decode the emerging HEVC video codec and support the HDMI 2.0 video delivery specification.
iPhone graphics chip designer adds more oomph to GPUs
Imagination Technologies, which designs graphics chips used in the iPhone and other top mobile products, is promising "console quality graphics" with an updated GPU lineup announced on Monday.
LenovoEMC bumps speed, adds BitTorrent into next-gen NAS
Looking for a network-attached storage option that can archive video by day and download it by night? The LenovoEMC px4-400d may be just what the doctor ordered.
SanDisk boosts portable wireless memory with 64GB Connect drive
SanDisk showed off a 64GB version of its Connect Wireless Flash Drive at the 2014 International CES show on Monday, an upgrade to a small drive announced last July that lets users send data such as photos and videos across platforms via Wi-Fi.