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Cisco, VMware take SDN battle to policy arena
The focus in SDNs and programmable networking is shifting to application policy, an area where vendors can instill their unique architectures and maintain customer dependency.
VMware: How the hypervisor can be security's savior
Hypervisors that virtualize the compute, networking and storage tiers provide a unique platform for enforcing security policies, VMware executives argued this week at Interop.
How Boeing is using the cloud
There’s a lot of talk about the cloud, but how are businesses really using it?
Cisco looks at extending OpFlex
Cisco says it is looking into extending its OpFlex policy protocol, unveiled this week at Interop, to legacy platforms such as the Catalyst 6500.
Interop 2014: Mobile is here, cloud is next, SDN is coming
Interop, one of the premier shows for networking each year, kicked off its general session on Wednesday proclaiming that a new era of IT is upon the world, led by a mobile revolution and supported by cloud computing. And more change is on the way as software-defined networking quickly matures into...
Cisco reveals OpenFlow SDN killer
At Interop this week, Cisco is unveiling an alternative to OpenFlow for software-defined networking and proposing it as a standard, while adding it as a vital component of the company's new programmable architecture.
Alcatel-Lucent ups the ante in unified access
At Interop this week, Alcatel-Lucent updated its wired/wireless unified access portfolio with a new access switch, and SDN and application analytics extensions.
InteropNet: The show behind the show
For any big convention, getting all the required network connectivity in place and keeping it working is a major undertaking, often requiring the creation of an entirely new physical and logical infrastructure.
Extreme binds Enterasys gear tighter to its own
Extreme Networks has unveiled a software architecture for building SDNs and enabling interoperability between its technology and that of recent acquisition Enterasys.
HP bucks up unified access line to better battle Cisco, others
HP this week at the annual Interop Las Vegas conference is rolling out extensions to its unified access wired/wireless product portfolio designed to deliver consistent operation and management across the mixed infrastructure.
ONC Stresses Flexible EHR Strategy
The Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT is taking incremental steps to make life easier for healthcare providers struggling to meet the criteria for the meaningful use of electronic health record technology. It's welcome relief for overburdened organizations -- but is it enough to...
Can the Feds Make Health IT Systems Talk to Each Other?
Government officials are reluctant to issue mandates on standards and interoperability for health IT devices and applications -- but advocates say that's exactly what healthcare needs to promote innovation and improve patient care.
Facebook networking chief: No more secret ASIC commands
Facebook's head of network operations has great expectations for software defined networking (SDN), though he may not be relying on commercial hardware vendors to bring SDN to the social networking giant's own infrastructure.
Verizon Recreates the Public Cloud for the Enterprise IT
For the past two years, Verizon has been quietly re-architecting its public cloud from the ground up to build a new enterprise-focused offering that allows organizations to dial in precisely the level of compute, network and storage they need for individual uses.
Verizon's next cloud services emphasize performance, granular billing
Verizon is extending its suite of cloud services to offer a new IaaS (infrastructure-as-a-service) option, called Verizon Cloud Compute, as well as a new storage-as-a-service, Verizon Cloud Storage, that the company says offer finer granularity in pricing and stricter quality of service metrics...
How to integrate Skype with Microsoft Lync
Businesses hoping to connect Skype users with Lync users via their corporate Lync Server but haven't started the process yet are in for a wait.
SDN coming ... soon
Software defined networking was a hot topic at the recent Interop conference in Las Vegas, where enthusiasm for the emerging technology overpowered any lingering doubts.
Big data is a big but young market
A recent survey by Forrester found that 7% of IT executives and 9% of business leaders feel they have gained a true return on investment from big data. That means there's a lot more business can be doing to glean insights from the massive amount of data that's potentially available to them.
PayPal Says It's Time to Ditch Passwords and PINs
PayPal CISO Michael Barrett took the keynote stage at Interop today to announce the impending death of passwords and their replacement with more robust authentication protocols based on an open standard. Apple may lead the way with its next iPhone.
ShoreTel announces the ShoreTel Dock
ShoreTel has announced a new product called the ShoreTel Dock -- a business-grade docking station that transforms iPhones and iPads into desk phones when paired with ShoreTel Mobility. The ShoreTel Dock turns Apple handhelds running the ShoreTel Mobility app into business desk phones and enterprise...
After Arista and before Cisco/Insieme, Huawei hikes 100G bar again
Huawei this week unveiled a high-end upgrade to its CloudEngine core switch, which debuted here at Interop a year ago.
SDN and InteropNet: Cranking up and running world's biggest temporary network
It starts with a gathering in a warehouse in Brisbane, Calif. Vendor reps, volunteers and networking experts of all stripes meet to create an enormous temporary network using products from 23 different companies, test it within an inch of its life -- and then stuff it on to trucks drive it out to...
How Facebook aims to reinvent hardware
Facebook used to be a company just like many others: It would buy servers, racks and other hardware from vendors like HP and Dell and rent out co-location space from vendors like DuPont Fabros and others.
NextPlane offers federated UC
In our last newsletter, we talked about the need for interoperability and promised more coverage on the topic, so today we'd like to discuss federated unified communications services. Reaching out to an expert on UC federation, we spoke with Farzin Shahidi, the founder and CEO of NextPlane. UC...
Interoperability issues hinder videoconferencing advancement
We'll be focusing on video systems and services interoperability in a couple of pieces this month, and today we start with a Webtorials TechNote covering the topic recently written by Gary Audin. Audin begins by observing that while multiple video standards and proprietary solutions are available,...
Microsoft promises stronger ties between Lync, Skype
Microsoft is launching new capabilities in its Lync communication platform that ties Lync and Skype together to enable audio call and Instant Messaging interoperability as well as shared presence.
Web services are dead -- long live REST
Where once an endless parade of Web service protocols promised that any system could talk to another, today we've acheived interoperability by simpler means. Andrew C. Oliver on what we've learned from the story of REST vs. Web services.
The 4 leading causes of data security breakdowns
A string of high-profile data breaches in 2012, from LinkedIn to Global Payments, have kept enterprise data security in the limelight. But most organizations still tend to be reactive and focus on firefighting when it comes to data security, rather than implementing a more effective long-term...
Interop NY: A look at the show's own BYOD arrangements
In recognition of the central importance of BYOD issues to this year's Interop NY conference, organizers provided a specially configured Wi-Fi network as a demonstration of one possible solution.
Interop: Data center operators in for a world of change
The basic tasks of running a data center will change out of all recognition in the near future, according to an expert panel speaking at Interop NY on Wednesday, and there really aren't any easy blueprints to follow.
Interop: Don't sweat 802.11ac Wi-Fi - because 802.11ad will knock your socks off
While the Wi-Fi world is rightly abuzz over the rapidly approaching large-scale deployment of the new 802.11ac standard, experts at an Interop NY panel said today that the 802.11ad standard is likely to be even more transformative.
AT&T enhances video collaboration offering
AT&T has expanded its video features and on-demand meeting capabilities to provide broader video collaboration through the AT&T Telepresence Solution. AT&T Telepresence Solution customers no longer need to reserve video resources in advance, so users can connect face-to-face through video with...
The look ahead to a software-controlled world
The Interop show in Las Vegas is always a good bellwether for enterprise technology trends, and perhaps the most striking thing about the recent show was how little the term "network fabric" came up.
Avaya simplifies BYOD connectivity; EarthLink adds to cloud service
Avaya has enhanced its portfolio to deliver unified wired and wireless network access to employees, guests and their personal devices while maintaining enterprise security. The changes were announced at Interop 2012 just held in Las Vegas.
5 Key Interop 2012 Takeaways for CIOs and Other IT Pros
As everything from application delivery to security and monitoring is seemingly shifting to the cloud, IT faces a chaotic and difficult to manage world. The good news is the tools are there, but you just can't go to a single provider as you did in the past. Given this shift, it's no...
Largest Illinois healthcare system uproots Cisco to build $40M private cloud
LAS VEGAS -- A healthcare network in Illinois is investing $40 million in Alcatel-Lucent switches to consolidate data centers into a private cloud.
VMware: Virtualize the rest of the data center
The server has been virtualized, now it's time for the rest of the data center - including the network - to catch up. That's the message form VMware at this year's Interop, as the company seeks to ensure it remains a major enterprise IT player while the software-defined networking trend continues...
HP has all the ingredients for software defined networking, almost
HP says it has all of the necessary orchestration tools for its software defined networking strategy - the big question is, will it build its own controller?
Five ways to improve data center power efficiency you might not have thought of
While few doubt the importance of maximizing the energy efficiency of their corporate data centers, executive vice president of data center technology for Las Vegas-based Switch, Mark Thiele's talk at Interop this week showcased just how much companies might still be missing. 
Interop panelists debate future of physical WAN optimizers
The need for a dedicated physical appliance to handle WAN optimization tasks, in many cases, is a thing of the past, according to experts who participated in a panel discussion Tuesday at Interop in Las Vegas.
HP says SDNs are key to cloud deployment
Software-defined networks (SDN) have the capability to provision applications in minutes instead of months, and speed deployment into the cloud, according to the head of HP Networking.
Interop 2012: Four announcements from ShoreTel
With both Interop in Las Vegas and CTIA Wireless in New Orleans underway this week, the news inbox is getting full but today we'll start with four announcements from ShoreTel. ShoreTel has introduced new collaboration tools, a new remote monitoring service, a new M5 Portal for cloud customers, and...
Infrastructure cloud services take a shift toward PaaS
Services providers that have traditionally offered infrastructure as a service (IaaS) clouds are beginning to move up the stack into the platform as a service (PaaS) market in an effort to diversify their portfolio and respond to increasing customer demand for cloud-based development services.
Avaya joins crowded BYOD, MDM field
At Interop this week, Avaya will toss its hat into the rapidly expanding BYOD ring with new software for its policy manager that helps IT get a handle on mobile device management (MDM).
Cisco offers API to fight call fraud
Cisco this week at Interop 2012 released an API for its branch routers designed to enable third-party developers to write applications to enhance the security of phone calls over the router network.
HP, F5 partner to speed delivery of cloud apps
HP this week unveiled several initiatives at Interop 2012 in Las Vegas to enhance the provisioning and performance of virtual applications over a network, including an alliance with application delivery controller leader F5.
Extreme Networks adds heavy dose of copper to 10G switches
Extreme Networks Monday unveiled 10G Ethernet copper modules for its BlackDiamond X8 core switch and new fixed copper versions of its Summit X670 top-of-rack switch.
Alcatel-Lucent brings 40G to the core
Alcatel-Lucent this week at Interop will flesh out its data center fabric vision with 40G Ethernet and higher-density 10G Ethernet capabilities on its core switches, as well as enhanced software for its top-of-rack and core switches.
Interop puts software-defined networking in limelight
The potential game-changing technology that surrounds software-defined networking (SDN) will be center stage at Interop next week with high-profile product introductions, technology demos and information sessions all set to roll.
Arista teams with VMware, Big Switch, Nebula for SDNs
Data center switch vendor Arista Networks next week will demonstrate how to build a software-defined cloud network using its switches, and controllers from partners VMware, Big Switch and Nebula.
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