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Mobile World Congress

Facebook's Zuckerberg Envisions a 'Dial Tone for the Internet'
Calling it an 'on-ramp to the Internet,' Mark Zuckerberg advocates for carriers and other gatekeepers to provide free basic services for all in his first-ever keynote at Mobile World Congress.
GENBAND partners with Samsung
Following its recently announced "Making Networks Smarter" vision and its NUViA cloud services launch, GENBAND is in the headlines again with a new unified communications alliance formed between GENBAND and Samsung Mobile. The two companies are partnering to offer an "Office on the Go" solution on...
Cisco's small-cell move is focused, but its network aims are ambitious
Cisco's long-anticipated entry into cellular base stations will come at Mobile World Congress next week, along with the company's familiar promise of an end-to-end architecture.
ZTE to launch Firefox OS smartphone at MWC
Chinese phone maker ZTE is planning to launch a smartphone based on Mozilla's Firefox OS at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next month.
MWC 2012: Broadsoft announces apps targeting enterprise mobile users
In our final news note coming from this year's Mobile Word Congress, BroadSoft has announced availability of two user applications targeting enterprise mobile users. The first applications suite is delivered in a commercially availability version of BroadTouch Business Communicator, with unified...
Vendors pile on mobility management
Managing and securing the world of mobile computing is an evolving art, as a quartet of vendors showed at Mobile World Congress, each taking different approaches to the challenge.
Broadcom readies chips optimized for Android 4.0
Broadcom announced this week a set of 3G smartphone chips that have been designed specifically to exploit Android 4.0, also known as Ice Cream Sandwich. The new silicon especially focuses on improving Android graphics performance.
Altair Semiconductor finds a place among mobile innovators
Israel-based Altair Semiconductor showed off its LTE radio chips -- and the tablets and routers they're being installed in -- at a small booth at Mobile World Congress this week.
Nvidia expects to do well in Windows-on-ARM race
Nvidia, little known just a few years ago, is winning attention for its Tegra 3 quad-core technology, which is being used in smartphones and tablets.
Microsoft unveils Windows 8 "Consumer Preview," downloads start
Microsoft Wednesday released its "Consumer Preview" of Windows 8, and before Windows President Steve Sinofsky finished his presentation to reporters at Mobile World Congress 2012, downloads had begun in 70 countries.
Toolset lets mobile carriers meld core services with the Web
Unlocking the treasure trove of mobile carrier services and data for new mobile apps is getting a lot easier. And now, it's getting easier for the carriers themselves to "mash-up" those internal resources with external Web-accessible services from Facebook and others.
Mozilla's 'modest proposal:' Dump the smartphone OS
Mozilla has a "modest proposal" about smartphones and it's simply stated. "Dump the operating system. All of them."
GENBAND announces UC solutions at MWC
Several news items this time coming from GENBAND from Mobile World Congress underway in Barcelona. GENBAND has unveiled a mobile app providing consumers with single screen management for unified communications, along with enhancements to the company's IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) platform.
Cisco bridges Wi-Fi, cellular nets
At Mobile World Congress this week, Cisco unveiled products designed to provide cellular-like roaming among Wi-Fi hotspots, and disclosed deployments among several wireless service providers.
3 questions for Microsoft's Windows Phone chief
Terry Myerson, head of Microsoft's Windows Phone division, made a cameo appearance at Nokia's Mobile World Congress 2012 press conference Monday, where Nokia announced a mid-priced Windows Phone, the Lumia 610. Myerson briefly talked about the new beta release of Skype for Windows Phone, about the...
Speedy 802.11ac Wi-Fi set for fast, wide rollout
Mobile carriers embracing Wi-Fi is one of the sub-themes of Mobile World Congress. And the particular flavor of Wi-Fi that's generating buzz here is 802.11ac, which promises to boost handset throughput to over 300Mbps.
Intel lays out strategic mobile roadmap
Intel used to talk endlessly about Moore's Law -- doubling the transistors that can be put on an integrated circuit about every two years -- as the source of ever-greater benefits for everyone in the PC value chain every two years like clockwork. But today, fittingly at Mobile World Congress, Intel...
Five smartphone trends at Mobile World Congress
Big smartphone vendors such as High Tech Computer (HTC) and LG Electronics are trying to get their mojo back after some challenging times, and they hope to do so by putting quad-core processors and big, high-definition screens in the products on show at Mobile World Congress.
MWC: New software virtualizes multiple Android instances on smartphone
A new virtualization technique lets users create two separate Android "spaces" on their smartphone or tablet, one for personal use and a kind of walled garden for work use. The beta software, from Cellrox, is being demonstrated this week at Mobile World Congress 2012 in Barcelona, Spain.
Nokia unveils 41-megapixel imaging sensor technology
The most spectacular part of Nokia's presentation Sunday at Mobile World Congress was the unveiling of new a super imaging system, a sensor -- developed with Toshiba and other Nokia partners, coupled with Carl Zeiss optics -- that can capture 41 megapixels.
MWC preview: Sprint, AT&T launch mobile apps that help other carriers
In advance of the annual Mobile World Congress (MWC) being held in Barcelona, two announcements about carriers helping other carriers with mobile apps caught our attention. AT&T has launched "Digital Life," an IP-based remote monitoring and automation platform for Web-based home automation, energy...
Network operators get serious about Wi-Fi
At Mobile World Congress, vendors and carriers will lay out a new future for Wi-Fi connectivity and services, one that's disciplined, convenient, reliable...and billable.
Free service offers basic enterprise mobile management
A free new service lets IT groups quickly set up basic management of corporate and personal mobile devices running Android or Apple iOS.
Mobile World Congress sneak peek: Quad-core smartphones, Ice Cream Sandwich & more
It might be hard to imagine there will be that much more for makers of smartphones, tablets and other wireless offerings to reveal at Mobile World Congress at the end of this month after the deluge of products that debuted at the Consumer Electronics Show to kick off 2012. But Sony, HTC and others...
Vendors show voice call hand-off between LTE, 3G networks
Qualcomm this week revealed a key step in enabling voice calls over LTE handsets. Working with Ericsson, the chipmaker says it recently completed the first voice call handover between LTE and 3G networks, and will showcase the achievement later this month at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.
Samsung: No Galaxy S3 at Mobile World Congress
Samsung has confirmed that its Android-based Galaxy S3 (or S III) smartphone will not debut at the Mobile World Congress later this month, but will be introduced at a separate event by mid-year, closer to commercial release.
Asus Padfone smartphone-tablet headed for Mobile World Congress
Asustek Computer has begun teasing yet another debut of its Padfone smartphone-tablet combo at the Mobile World Congress scheduled for Barcelona in late February, and industry watchers expect the device to run Android 4.0 (i.e. Ice Cream Sandwich).
Vidyo demonstrates HD capabilities at MWC
As Mobile World Congress wraps up in Barcelona, we'd like to highlight one more feature from the conference where Vidyo (the company) demonstrated its high-definition mobile video capabilities using LTE, a fourth generation wireless network technology.
Oddball Cellphones: Docomo's Coolest, Strangest Phones at MWC
From impressive camera phones to adorable flip phones, Docomo's booth at MWC is definitely one of the funnest.
The Tablets of MWC 2011: Watch Your Back Apple
Mobile World Congress 2011 was the launchpad for tablets from tech heavyweights LG, Samsung, HTC, Toshiba, Acer, and ViewSonic. Here is a roundup of what debuted.
Motorola Xoom tablet pricing not as crazy as first feared
The Google Android-based Motorola Mobility Xoom tablet will start at about $600 for a Wi-Fi only version – a price that should be much more competitive with Apple iPad pricing than was initially thought.
Wireless gateway marries Wi-Fi, cellular; eases authentication, billing
Ruckus Wireless has taken a big step in making Wi-Fi hotspots an integrated part of a mobile operators wireless connectivity. The company announced at Mobile World Congress a new wireless gateway that can manage vast numbers of access points and clients, while integrating critical task like...
Cisco, Genband introduce mobile traffic solutions
After sharing demand estimates for growth of mobile data and video traffic, Cisco launched an architectural framework designed to enhance users' experience s across mobile and wireless networks.
Cellular networks gain Wi-Fi integration smarts
Vendors at the annual GSMA Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week are laying out new ways for mobile operators to squeeze more capacity and revenue out of their cellular networks.
Femtocells adapt to enterprise users
The use of femtocells -- small base stations that extend mobile coverage in buildings -- is growing fast, driven in part by enterprises, executives said Tuesday during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.
Blending sun, satellites and cellular to connect remote locales
In a lot of places, people would be happy to place a mobile voice call, let alone experience the ecstasy of an LTE wireless broadband connection. At Mobile World Congress, two companies are showcasing systems that blend GSM cellular radios, satellite backhaul, and solar power to bring mobile voice...
Angry Birds, Monkey Jump apps wrapped with malware
Popular mobile games such as Angry Birds and Monkey Jump are being illegally copied and repackaged with code designed to steal personal information or perform other malicious functions, according to a study due to be released soon from Lookout Mobile Security.
Twitter working with operators on SMS short codes
Twitter is working with operators in the Middle East to make it easier for users to send Twitter messages using SMS (Short Message Service) short codes, after blockages in countries such as Tunisia and Egypt, said CEO Dick Costolo.
Adidas to bring exercise app to Android
The Adidas miCoach app will be available on Android in late April, Adidas announced at Mobile World Congress on Monday.
ITU wants government help to avoid mobile bottleneck
Whitespace devices, LTE, femtocells, automatic Wi-Fi handover, optimized backhaul networks: wireless operators are already deploying a wide range of techniques to speed the flow of data to our smartphones, and equipment manufacturers are demonstrating many more at the Mobile World Congress in...
Samsung, SAP to roll out analytics for Android devices
Samsung SDS and SAP have created BI (business intelligence) software for Android mobile devices, the companies announced Monday in conjunction with Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.
Samsung's 90 new Android APIs boost mobile device management, security
Samsung unveiled some 90 new APIs added to its Android implementation, including the tablet version of the mobile OS, version 3.0. The new APIs give third-party applications access to features not found on many other Android devices, including enterprise security and management.
What's hot at Mobile World Congress 2011
From 3D cell phones to "4G" basestations, you can find it all at the cellular industry's global confab, this week in Barcelona, Spain.
Samsung's dual-core Galaxy S II has better, bigger screen
Samsung has launched the Galaxy S II, which is equipped with a dual-core processor, an improved screen and faster Internet access using HSPA+ (High-Speed Packet Access).
LG will return to show floor at Mobile World Congress
LG has decided to return to the show floor at next year's Mobile World Congress, which will take place in February, after being absent at the show earlier this year, according to the GSM Association (GSMA).
Acme Packet unveils solutions for IMS architectures
At the just concluded Mobile World Congress held last week in Barcelona, Acme Packet unveiled three significant products that are designed to help service providers simplify and scale IP Multimedia Subsystem architectures and service delivery networks. The new solutions include the Net-Net SIP...
Verizon and Skype team up; RIM targets SMBs
We've got three convergence-related news items today stemming from 2010 Mobile World Congress just concluded in Barcelona: Verizon Wireless and Skype announced they will bring Skype to Verizon Wireless smartphones; Research in Motion unveiled its BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express with free...
LTE devices to come in all shapes and sizes
The continued progress of LTE (Long-Term Evolution) was one of the biggest trends at Mobile World Congress this week. Besides modems, vendors showed netbooks and portable Wi-Fi hotspots that are compatible with LTE.
Watching the creative destruction of the mobile industry at MWC
The continued mobile client innovation in handsets and operating systems is just the surface of an industry still re-inventing itself.
The best of Mobile World Congress 2010
MWC is the premier global event for the mobile phone industry. Here's the latest in mobile innovations, from Barcelona this week.
Windows Phone 7: Microsoft gets serious about mobile
Microsoft Monday announced the new version of its phone operating system, Windows Phone 7. It's a sweeping redesign, coupled with an aggressive new partnership with handset makers and mobile carriers.
Windows Phone 7 sounds promising, but…
Microsoft Monday announced its Windows Phone 7 Series, a revamped version of its Windows Mobile platform that the company says organizes Web services, applications and data dynamically around the preferences and priorities of each individual user.
Biggest mobile operators join forces on app store project
Twenty-four mobile network operators have formed the Wholesale Applications Community to avoid fragmenting the apps market and to give developers one point of entry to all the members, the GSM Association announced on Monday.
Microsoft CEO unveils Windows Phone 7
Microsoft unveiled the next version of its operating system for mobile phones, Windows Phone 7 Series, featuring a move away from applications and towards functions.