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Net Neutrality

AT&T Data Plan Is 'a Wolf in Sheep's Clothing'
Open Internet advocates are warning that AT&T's 'sponsored data' program could create pay-to-play mobile Web. It has also been described as a new form of double-dipping, where both customers and businesses are charged for the same data usage.
Mockumentary skewers ISPs as Verizon-FCC net neutrality case goes to court
A new mockumentary posted on YouTube and backed by a group of net neutrality advocates  makes the case that the FCC is right and Verizon is wrong in a fight that today goes to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit.
EU Commissioner Kroes won't be bullied on net neutrality, says spokesman
Europe's digital agenda commissioner will not succumb to pressure on the issue of net neutrality, her spokesman said via Twitter on Friday.
Outlook 2013 ... Even more interesting than 2012!
Gibbs reviews his predictions from last year and surveys the more than 400 predictions that he's been sent by IT professionals
Looking back at our 2012 predictions
It's almost time for us to unveil our predictions for 2013 but before we look forward, today we'll look back to see how we did when we made predictions for 2012 -- projecting trends for telepresence, wireless substitution, cloud-based unified communications, BYOD and net neutrality.
FCC Chief Says Broadband Key to Economic Success, Defends Net Neutrality
FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski offers his views on the role of government in nurturing the broadband ecosystem, what he sees as a critical ingredient to economic success. He also defends net neutrality and government's role in preserving and promoting free markets.
The consequences of VoIP and video over mobile
We've watched with interest as mobile service providers try and decide how to charge (or not charge) for VoIP calls made over the mobile data channel, and policies continue to evolve on this issue. We also think the same might be said for how video over IP calls are managed by mobile providers. And...
Groups to file net neutrality complaint against AT&T
Three advocacy groups plan to file a formal complaint against AT&T, alleging the carrier is violating the U.S. Federal Communications Commission's net neutrality rules for blocking a video-conferencing application on Apple's iPhones and iPads.
Net neutrality provision gets 5.9% of AT&T shareholder votes
About 5.9 percent of AT&T shareholders have voted for a proposal calling on the company to commit to net neutrality principles on its wireless networks, but supporters of the measure called the vote a success.
New net neutrality study leads to calls for EU legislation
Blocking voice over IP and peer-to-peer Internet traffic is common in the European Union says E.U. regulator BEREC leading to calls for an E.U. net neutrality law.
AT&T's app developer billing scheme: Will app makers buy in?
AT&T's trial balloon of charging app developers for bandwidth their users consume might not stay in the air very long.
New paper offers advice on UC deployment
For those readers who found sound advice in our last newsletter delivered from Avaya on how to avoid pitfalls with unified communications (UC), we've got one more paper to recommend. "UC: Mitigating the Risk and Reaping the Rewards" is available from Integrated Research through Webtorials, helping...
2012 Outlook: The end of everything?
Gibbs reviews last year's predictions and sees that the end could be nigh ...
5 Hot Technology Policy Agenda Items You Need to Watch
From providing more spectrum space for wireless providers to battling online piracy to creating cybersecurity policy to protecting intellectual property, expect things to heat up in Washington this year. So pour yourself a cup of coffee and read on to learn how lawmakers will impact the tech world...
Top 5 UC predictions for 2012
Today we unveil our top five predictions for 2012, looking at expected trends for telepresence, wireless substitution, cloud-based unified communications, BYOD and fixed mobile convergence, and net neutrality.
Looking back to our 2011 predictions -- how'd we do?
As has been our custom for over a decade, today we'll look back at the predictions we made a year ago and see how well we did with our crystal ball, then next time we'll look forward with some 2012 predictions about convergence, VoIP and unified communications.
Goodbye 2011 ... What a year!
Gibbs ponders the year that just shot past ...
Google Wallet: A brewing battle between Verizon and Google
Verizon Wireless is thwarting the use of the Google Wallet mobile payment app, at least for now, on the coming Galaxy Nexus smartphone running on Verizon's 4G LTE network.
Verizon cites security issue for nixing Google Wallet
Verizon has denied that it is blocking the availability of Google Wallet on its smartphones and says that it's ironing out technical issues with Google to make the application secure to use on its phones.
The Eighth Annual Gibbs Golden Turkey Awards
For the eighth time, Gibbs awards those who deserve opprobrium for epic reasons
Net neutrality: Implementation measured in the details
The fierce debate over net neutrality continues unabated. On the one hand, advocates of net neutrality believe that without regulation, a few large network operators will dominate the market, discriminating against consumers and content providers to the detriment of affordable services and...
Net neutrality rules and the FCC's huge mistake
The Senate disapproval resolution of the FCC's net neutrality rules failed; could the FCC have made a serious mistake?
Net neutrality goes Dutch
While the Netherlands is primarily known for windmills, tulips and legalized marijuana, it could soon be known for its net neutrality regulations as well.
FCC passes wireless data roaming rules
The Federal Communications Commission today approved an order mandating that mobile data service providers offer data roaming agreements to one another.
FCC gets temporary reprieve from net neutrality lawsuits
The United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia today dismissed a suit filed by carriers Verizon and MetroPCS against the Federal Communications Commission on the grounds that the FCC was being sued for something that it hadn't yet done.
Appeals court knocks down Verizon net neutrality challenge
An appeals court Monday dismissed Verizon's challenge of the U.S. Federal Communications Commission's December net neutrality ruling, calling it premature.
Google funds tools to expose government attempts to censor, shut down the Internet
In the wake of Internet blackouts in Egypt and Libya, Google has announced it is awarding at least $1 million to Georgia Tech researchers working on tools that will immediately reveal when governments are trying to shut down or censor use of the Internet.
Eyes in their ankles: The congressional view of network neutrality
For quite a while I've been baffled by the inability of too many members of Congress to understand the importance of the network neutrality discussion. I'm not satisfied that I know for sure, but I may be getting closer.
Net neutrality rules face uncertain future after House vote
A U.S. House of Representatives vote to kill net neutrality rules may not survive in the Senate.
History and governance: the politics of cyberspace
The Internet has become such an integral part of our modern world that it's no surprise that there are many Internet topics that have political dimensions and implications. Today I want to start a short series of articles summarizing some of the issues in each of the topics listed for the...
Former FCC chairman 'would have appealed' net neutrality ruling
Former Federal Communications Chairman Kevin Martin today said he still believed the FCC had the legal authority to enforce network neutrality rules and that he would have appealed a court decision last year that ruled otherwise.
Verizon first in line to sue FCC
Verizon didn't let any grass grow under its feet. Last week, less than a month after the FCC passed its controversial net neutrality order, Verizon filed suit against the agency, challenging the FCC's authority to create formal rules aimed at preserving an open, equal-access Internet.
Verizon-FCC net neutrality fight only beginning
If you thought the Federal Communications Commission’s vote to approve limited net neutrality rules were the end of the dispute, think again.
Verizon files lawsuit over FCC net neutrality order
Verizon files a challenge to FCC net neutrality rules.
FCC waffles over wireless
Just prior to the 2010 holiday break, the FCC voted to adopt three basic rules in the hopes of preserving an open Internet. But the agency focused its "net neutrality" order mostly on fixed broadband pipes, leaving rules about operating mobile broadband networks largely up to interpretation.
What's next for the FCC and net neutrality?
The FCC likely faces a lawsuit and congressional action opposing its recent net neutrality vote.
FCC's net neutrality order: The basics
A look at the FCC's net neutrality outline
The ghosts of the Internet
Gibbs has a festive play for you …
The decade in review - And the decade ahead
Dec. 31 marks the passage of not only another year but also of a decade. Consequently it seems like a most appropriate time both to look back and to look forward and to venture forth with some reflections on what has transpired and some ideas as to what we might expect.
Net neutrality plan has the votes at FCC
Two Democratic commissioners say they will vote for a net neutrality proposal before the FCC.
Net neutrality and the corporate IT infrastructure
As discussions once again come to the forefront concerning the Internet and net neutrality, we feel compelled to raise the issue of what this might portend for the corporate network, especially since the current focus on consumer-based services could easily shift to commercial services.
Our vote on net neutrality
The net neutrality framework FCC chairman Julius Genachowski outlined in a speech last week and which will be voted on later this month sustains many of the original goals of neutrality while giving the telcos enough to give a tentative nod of approval, all of which adds up to a meaningful step...
New net neutrality proposal: What’s in this thing?
Julius Genachowski’s grand unveiling of his new net neutrality proposal was long on broad principles, short on details.
The Seventh Annual Gibbs Golden Turkey Awards
Gibbs again highlights the best of the worst.
'Net neutrality' as fighting words
The term network neutrality has been used lately to refer to a number of different ideas. One is that networks should be operated without any protocol filtering. Another is that the one and only business model for an ISP is one in which there is a flat fee for unlimited access at the specified line...
Congress punts net neutrality back to FCC
Somewhat predictably, Congress has decided to not do anything about net neutrality.
Time for FCC chair to man up
Net neutrality doesn't have a middle path and Genachowski needs to "man up".
Bohemian neutrality
The wrangling over net neutrality deserves an opera. Gibbs obliges.
Google/Verizon: Will a parallel non-Internet help the 'Net?
In spite of the fact that the net neutrality proposal that Google and Verizon published on Aug. 9 was not much like what the rumor mill predicted as late as the day before, the proposal sure has kicked off a lot of controversy.
Google Defends Net Neutrality Plan
Despite a high degree of opposition, Google is defending its net neutrality proposal co-authored with broadband and wireless provider Verizon. The search giant on Thursday issued counterarguments on six points (Google calls them myths) that the company believes have been misunderstood about its...