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Outlook 2014

Gigabit Wi-Fi gear to arrive in 2014 but data rates will vary
Companies will be able to buy Gigabit Wi-Fi gear in 2014, but they may not get Gigabit Wi-Fi data rates.
2014 outlook: Innovation agenda makes shadow IT OK
A rise in operational spending bodes well for hiring, which remains a bright spot in the tech industry. The biggest drivers of IT spending growth are cloud computing, mobility, big data and social networking technologies.
7 things on Microsoft's 2014 to-do list
2013 was a busy year for Microsoft, which announced that CEO Steve Ballmer will leave the company after 33 years, upgraded its controversial Windows 8 platform, doubled down on its Surface tablets, reveled in the success of Office 365, and successfully tweaked Windows Server. But there's more to do...
Hybrid cloud: The year of adoption is upon us
2013 was the year vendors got their hybrid cloud strategies out in the open, and 2014 will be the year when customers start using them.
What to expect of Internet of Things in 2014
The Internet of Things will continue to creep into consumers' homes in 2014, but the real growth in the next year is likely to be in the enterprise.
Virtualization, security advances on tap for ADCs
As 2014 kicks off, two of the main issues for the growing ADC market are security and virtualization – the technology has several features that have implications for denial-of-service protection, and the trend toward SDN and network virtualization has many people looking for software-only...
SDN in 2014: More of everything
Last year saw tons of activity in software-defined networking, including the introduction of Cisco's response to the hardware-marginalizing trend. This year promises to be no different for SDN.
Is rapid detection the new prevention?
There's a trend underway in the information security field to shift from a prevention mentality—in which organizations try to make the perimeter impenetrable and avoid breaches—to a focus on rapid detection, where they can quickly identify and mitigate threats.
Looming disasters, and other tech predictions, for 2014 and beyond
More than most years, 2013 might be remembered for some ominous predictions of doom for the earth and its inhabitants.
SaaS predictions for 2014
While the bulk of enterprise software is still deployed on-premises, SaaS (software as a service) continues to undergo rapid growth. Gartner has said the total market will top $22 billion through 2015, up from more than $14 billion in 2012.
BlackBerry has high hopes for 2014
After a nearly disastrous year and facing an expected negative earnings report Friday, BlackBerry hopes to start 2014 on a more positive note with its news interim CEO and a commitment to help developers more easily port Android apps to the BlackBerry World app store.
10 Cloud Computing Predictions for 2014
Cloud computing is increasingly becoming the rule and not the exception for application deployment. This will make 2014 an interesting and disruptive year for vendors, service providers and IT organizations grappling with this change.
8 Ethernet predictions for 2014
Among the many expectations for IT in 2014, Ethernet is projected to broaden its penetration in the metro area and the WAN. The ubiquitous technology will become further entrenched as a broadband access, cloud interconnect and wide area medium, further distancing itself from legacy TDM services....
Slower growth will challenge smartphone vendors in 2014
More powerful processors will allow smartphone vendors to turn their high-end models into gaming consoles, but slower growth will also force them to focus more on improving their less expensive products next year.