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Cloud activity to explode in 2012
In testing cloud computing services and observing the growth of cloud activities, we've noticed that there are distinct phases that organizations go through in adopting cloud.
Tech roadmap for 2012
Despite economic uncertainty at home and abroad, enterprises IT budgets grew in 2011, although not by very much. So, what’s on tap for 2012? In this package of stories, Network World and IDG News Service reporters provide a roadmap for the new year.
Mobility, video and cloud will drive network revenues up 8.7% in 2012, IDC says
A perfect storm of growth in enterprise mobility, video consumption and cloud infrastructure will come together just in time for a major refresh cycle in 2012, driving worldwide enterprise network revenues to $39.4 billion by the end of the year, IDC predicts.
Bang for your IT buck
By all accounts the economy is stronger now than it was 12 months ago, but it is also clear that companies are still moving cautiously, and for the bulk of IT that means continuing to do more with what you have, which is at least better than doing more with less.
2012 Outlook: The end of everything?
Gibbs reviews last year's predictions and sees that the end could be nigh ...
Top 5 UC predictions for 2012
Today we unveil our top five predictions for 2012, looking at expected trends for telepresence, wireless substitution, cloud-based unified communications, BYOD and fixed mobile convergence, and net neutrality.
5 major changes facing the Internet in 2012
2012 is poised to go down in Internet history as one of the most significant 12-month periods from both a technical and policy perspective since the late 1990s, when this network-of-networks stopped being a research project and became an engine of economic growth.
Mobility, cloud, analytics to reshape IT in 2012
Gartner says global IT spending growth will be essentially flat in 2012. IDC is more bullish, estimating 6.9% growth, driven by investments in smartphones, media tablets, mobile networks, social networking, and big data analytics.
Processors: What to Expect From CPUs in 2012
As the brains of most every modern computing gadget, the central processing unit or CPU is an indispensable part of every desktop, laptop, phone, or tablet. The processor crunches the numbers and assigns the tasks, and it's one of the chief pieces of hardware that determine how thick your...
Can you keep your IT staff in 2012?
IT staff retention is shaping up to be one of the biggest challenges facing CIOs in 2012.
The CIO's lament: 20-something techies who quit after 1 year
Louis Trebino, CIO and senior vice president at the Harry Fox Agency (HFA) in New York City, is experiencing significant turnover on his Web development team.
Data center, cloud fabrics to heat up in 2012
There was a considerable amount of activity in the data center/cloud switching fabric arena in 2011. That is expected to continue in 2012, along with real world implementations of the next-generation IT technologies.
2012: Virtual desktops are all the rage
As budgets are locked in for 2012 it's time to aggressively expand server virtualization, and for those who have been held back by cost, to consider virtual desktops.
IPv6 due for wide deployment in 2012, experts say
This was the year that IPv6 garnered major headlines, but 2012 is expected to be the year when the next-generation Internet protocol gets widely deployed by U.S. carriers and enterprises.
Security minefield: 'Bring your own device' will bedevil IT security in 2012
The rapid adoption of the newest mobile devices -- especially the Apple iPhone and iPad and the Google Android-based equivalents -- will be a huge disruptive force in enterprise security next year. Not only will there be pressure to decide how to protect and manage these devices, which are growing...
Look, touch and feel: How your mobile interface will morph in 2012
The mobile user interface is set for a range of changes in the next 12-24 months, creating new modes for users to interact with their devices, and with other devices nearby and network-based services.
Microsoft in 2012: All Eyes on Windows 8
While 2011 was not a breakthrough year for Microsoft products, the company held steady amid criticism regarding its absence from the tablet market, its late arrival to the cloud, and low sales for Windows Phones.
Cloud activity to explode in 2012
In testing cloud computing services and observing the growth of cloud activities, we've noticed that there are distinct phases that organizations go through in adopting cloud.
For 2012, power-efficient servers could get a shot in the ARM
In 2012 a fundamental change in server architecture could be on tap as companies look to cut data center costs with the help of technologies like ARM processors and graphics chips, analysts said.
Big Data, analytics get even bigger, hotter in 2012
Every enterprise software vendor will tell you how hot and in-demand their products are, but the notion rings fairly true with respect to BI (business intelligence) and advanced analytics. The products just kept selling throughout the global recession, as companies looked to gain insights into...
Apple in 2012: 5 Reasons It Will Be a Tough Year
Apple's extraordinary run over the last few years may begin to show signs of slowing next year--its first year without visionary leader Steve Jobs.
Moving to the cloud in 2012? Look out for these pitfalls
Businesses that want to take advantage of the maturing cloud marketplace in 2012 can learn from some common mistakes others have made when moving to infrastructure- and platform-as-a-service offerings, experts said.
Quad-core smartphones with high-res screens will take over in 2012
Competition in the smartphone sector will remain cutthroat in 2012, as vendors will improve performance using LTE, high-resolution screens and quad-core processors and GPUs.