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Year-end 2012

2012: The year that coding became de rigueur
Does true literacy now include the ability to write software programs, just as it does the ability to read, write and do sums?
Poor SCADA security will keep attackers and researchers busy in 2013
An increasing number of vulnerability researchers will focus their attention on industrial control systems (ICS) in the year to come, but so will cyberattackers, security experts believe.
Patent cases color mobile market, to continue in 2013
Over the past year, patent battles have been fought by tech companies in courtrooms all over the world. The litigation is far from over though, however, and will continue throughout 2013. This is what's at stake on the patent battlefield in the near future.
IT leaders prepare for their top IT security threats of 2013
Wisegate, the professional networking organization for IT and information security professionals, recently convened its members to discuss their top IT security threats for the coming year. Read what's on their minds, and how they plan to address the threats.
Google Zeitgeist 2012: The top searches on the world's top search engine
You've seen the top queries from Yahoo, Ask and Bing, now it's time to see what the world was like in 2012 as reflected through searches on Google, the world's most popular search engine. Google's end-of-the-year lists focus on trending topics that had the highest amount of traffic over a sustained...
13 events that defined Cisco's 2012
 From software defined networking challenges to killing Cius and corporate restricting moves, it was a busy year for Cisco.
2012: The year in quotes
Some of the most memorable IT-related quotes were uttered in courtrooms this year, which involved a steady stream of legal challenges about intellectual property. In no particular order, these are some of the comments that stuck with us as 2012 winds to a close.
Microsoft: What it did right and wrong in 2012
At this writing Windows 8 could be the biggest thing Microsoft has done wrong -- ever. But it could also wind up being one of the best things it has ever done.
Reminiscences of another Internet transition year
A good (or was it bad) chunk of 2012 in Internet-land was spent dreading and getting ready for the ITU World Conference on International Telecommunications (WCIT) in Dubai that will conclude about the time this column is published. (See "The Internet has escaped the ax, at least in the US, at least...
The scariest software project horror stories of 2012
Sure, plenty of enterprise software projects go just fine and end up giving customers all the things vendors promise: lower operating costs, streamlined operations and happier users.
Top 10 tech stories of 2012: a busted IPO, spotlight on workers, titans in transition
Change in any industry involves conflict. Evolution and revolution in tech this year took place not only in the marketplace but also in the courtroom, the factory, and on the Web. Here are the top news stories of 2012 as selected by the editors of the IDG News Service.
Worst security snafus of 2012
The first half of 2012 was pretty bad -- from the embarrassing hack of a conversation between the FBI and Scotland Yard to a plethora of data breaches -- and the second half wasn't much better, with events including Symantec's antivirus update mess and periodic attacks from hactivists at Anonymous.