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Year-end 2013

BYOD Became the 'New Normal' in 2013
CIOs have had eventful year when it comes to BYOD. Concerns over hidden costs, employee privacy and corporate data security gave way to convenience. However, mobile device management vendors stepped in to help IT sell the concept of compliance and lawyers and the National Labor Relations Board...
The 8 hottest security stories of 2013
We recap the biggest security news from this past year
What Microsoft did right and wrong in 2013
Nobody bats a thousand, and Microsoft is no different. Here’s a quick look at five things Microsoft did right in 2013 and five it did wrong.
The worst security SNAFUs of 2013
This year's award for "Biggest Security SNAFU" can only go to the National Security Agency. Since June, NSA officials have winced as former NSA contractor Edward Snowden began dispensing secrets to the media about how NSA carries out massive surveillance around the world using advanced technology.
2013: The 12 months of Cisco
This past year saw several major events and product introductions unfold at Cisco, beginning with an effort to connect cars to the Internet and ending with a solid pipeline in place for its new data center switches and fabric technology. The following is a review of the highlights of the year that...
2013 Year End: Apple Review
In 2013 Apple, once dominant in the smartphone and tablet arenas saw increasing competition that took away its market share. Take a look back at Apple's biggest moments in 2013 in our year end review. Be sure to check out our other year end pieces.
2013: The year in numbers
From single digits to trillions, the tech industry loves numbers, and it generated plenty of them in 2013. Here's a look at some of the figures that stand out from the year:
The top 8 security threats of 2013
The past year has seen its share of newly emerging or persistent threats that security and IT executives need to be aware of and in many cases defend against.
10 top tests of 2013
Network World tested hundreds of products in 2013, but here are our top 10 tests of the year. In order to make the list, the product review had to be a comparative test of multiple products in a single category and it had to break new ground or deliver fresh insight into an important product area.
The worst IT project disasters of 2013
Trends come and go in the technology industry but some things, such as IT system failures, bloom eternal.
Top tech stories of 2013: Big Brother, wearables, and the struggles of aging tech giants
Politics collided with the world of technology this year as stories about U.S. government spying stirred angst both among the country's citizens and foreign governments, and the flawed site got American health-care reform off to a rocky start. Meanwhile, the post-PC era put aging tech...
Why CIOs stick with cloud computing despite NSA snooping scandal
Explosive revelations in the past six months about the U.S. government's massive cyber-spying activities have spooked individuals, rankled politicians and enraged privacy watchdogs, but top IT executives aren't panicking -- yet.
The year in tech quotes
With 2013 coming to an end, we took our annual look back at quotes from news stories over the last 12 months. Here are a handful that stuck with us through the year:
M&A, IPOs, in-memory tech, and end of a feud mark top software stories
It's been another busy year in the enterprise software industry, marked by high-profile acquisitions and IPOs, the rise of in-memory computing, a red-hot HCM (human capital management) market, and even the apparent settling of a long-running Silicon Valley feud. Here's a look at some of the...
What did Apple do in 2013? We evaluate what Apple achieved and ask if it fulfilled the prophesy
As the year draws to a close, it's our chance to reflect on what happened in the year just closing. Looking back to what we wrote at this time last year is enlightening. Just how many of our predictions made it into reality?