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PCTEL enables cell phone users to maintain a call from Wi-Fi to cellular - PCTEL has created a client application that enables cell phone users to start a voice call on a wireless LAN hot spot and maintain that call as they walk away from the hot spot and connect to their cellular carrier .

The software, dubbed Roaming Client VoIP Enabled, is paired with a server program based at a cellular carrier or wireless service provider. Users can make or take voice calls using a single number on cellular and IP nets.

The initial release of Roaming Client-VE runs over GSM cell nets and 802.11 Wi-Fi nets. A future release will support CDMA.

The software supports an array of authentication and security features, such as 802.1x and Wi-Fi Protected Access. The voice dialer uses SIM-EAP for authentication on cell nets.

The software will be formally unveiled at 3GSM World Congress taking place later this month in Cannes, France. The company worked with a "leading mobile VoIP infrastructure vendor" to create the code. This partner will be revealed at the Congress, and PCTEL is expected to announce the availability of services that make use of the new software.

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